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Cost of Floor Waxing Services

by John Thomas on Nov 17, 2018

There are a few things to take into account when researching various floor waxing companies in regards to the cost of floor waxing services.

1)  Location of Business:  Typically, when a company is in close proximity you can almost count on a bit of a price break due to the fact that when a company has to travel a longer distance to provide floor services, they must take the expense of fuel & travel time into consideration.  Especially is the project is considered a "small" project.  Which brings us to #2....

2) Size of Project:  The bigger the square footage...the bigger the price break.  Most floor stripping and waxing companies have a "minimum" charge amount.  So, a floor approximately 200SF in size would cost around $200-$300.

3) Open area:  If the project consist of an open area, this allows for better productivity by avoiding working around equiptment, fixtures, furniture etc.  It is ALWAYS best to have furniture moved in-house and in advanced.  Many floor waxing companies will take care of this process as well for an additional fee.

4) Frequency of floor maintenance:  Floors that have been properly maintained over the years will allow for a better competetive price.  However, floors that have been waxed over and over again without proper maintenance or cleaning will sooner or later develope a "wax buildup" which overtime becomes very difficult to remove.  Once this happens, it usually takes a floor stripping company twice the amount of time to remove the finish down to the bare floor which ofcourse means addtional product and additional labor.

5) Amount of Floor Finish Coats:  It's very important to know the exact amount of coats your floor cleaning contrator will lay down once the floor cleaning and stripping process is complete.  One floor cleaning company may include 3 coats of finish in their price while another may only include 1 coat of finish. This affects the longevity of your floor.  Usually additional coats that are not included in the floor cleaning contract will incur an additional fee per coat.

6) Quality of Floor Finish:  You may receive a cheaper price for floor waxing but as the saying goes..."you get what you pay for".  Be sure to do a little research on the type of finish that will be applied once floor cleaning is complete.  This will directly affect how long your floors will be protected from daily wear and tear.  Now ofcourse, there are other factors to consider when trying to determine how long it'll be before you would need a maintenance touch up (daily traffic, up-keep on daily and weekly cleaning, etc.)

7) Baseboards: Stripping and waxing of baseboards is definitely a tedious process and is very time consuming.  If you are looking to have your baseboards Stripped and waxed along with your floors, majority of floor waxing companies will charge an additional fee for this as it is not typically included pricing for floor stripping and waxing.  But, be sure to check with your contractor.


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