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What You Should Know Before Getting Custom Fly Screens

by mahendra kumawat on Jan 13, 2021

Aside from enhancing the look and feel of your home, custom fly screens can also elevate your level of privacy, protection, and elegance of your home.

Introduction to Fly Screens

Most first-time buyers are under the impression that all fly screens are customized. While fly screens can be tailor-made according to your specifications, there are also pre-built screens that may be suited to your needs and preferences.

Types of fly screens

The three main types of fly screens are hinged fly screen doors, sliding fly screen doors, and retractable fly screens.

  1. Hinged fly screens are similar to hinged doors except their material is made of mesh. They are intended for a single door unit. The hinges and the handle of hinged fly screens are placed on the same side as the hinges and door knob of your door. Because this type of screen solution is meant for smaller openings and is generally operated using a simple mechanism, it is usually the most cost-effective.
  2. Sliding fly screens are designed for sliding doors and sliding windows. This type of fly screen is already built with this sliding mechanism. Since only one panel of this door configuration can slide to open, only one panel of fly screen is necessary.
  3. Retractable fly screens can be fitted in most openings including patios, garages, windows, balconies, and various door configurations. This type of screen solution is versatile, innovative, and effective in increasing the overall value and appearance of any home. They are also available for customization. That’s why retractable fly screens usually come at higher price points than other types of fly screens.

Pre-built vs custom fly screens

Prefabricated screen products are designed for doors and windows with typical sizes. They don’t cater to openings that don’t have usual, standard dimensions. These ready-made solutions do not take into account the unique or customized height and width measurements of certain door and window configurations.

Most pre-built fly screens already have all their parts and pieces together with limited options for materials, colors and finishes to choose from. They are transported directly to your house for installation. The upside of this is that the installation process is relatively shorter and the screens can be fitted quicker, using virtually less tools for mounting.

On the other hand, custom fly screens are made-to-measure screens perfect for doors and windows of customized sizes, and difficult-to-screen areas. They give you more control over its size, looks, and material.

Benefits of custom fly screens

Custom fly screens let you choose the type of materials, color, and finish you want. They also let you incorporate features that would otherwise not be available for pre-built screen solutions.

  1. Accurate sizing and perfect fitment

Custom fly screens are made according to the dimensions of your window or entryway. A specialist will go to your home to survey and take measurements of the opening, taking into account your door type and any other special requirements you might have (e.g. screen installation on a pillarless corner), which will be the basis for the size of your fly screens.

  1. Material selection

In addition to having the exact fit and meeting your specific installation requirements, custom fly screens also give you the advantage of choosing your preferred materials including the type of mesh or fabric, paint color and finish. This way, your screens can better serve their purpose, maximise their use and, at the same time, complement your home aesthetics.

  1. Added features

Some manufacturers of fly screens have taken advantage of the technological advancements available today to augment their product’s capabilities or increase their benefits to their end-users. These include recessed channels to give users the option of embedding the base tracks into the floor, fortified retention systems for securing the mesh, and a special braking functionality that allows the user to stop the screen safely anywhere along the track. There are even motorized screens that offer a more convenient operation.

Should you get custom fly screens?

Now that you have an idea about the kinds of screen solutions available, the difference between pre-built and custom-made fly screen and the advantages of the latter, it’s time to contemplate whether or not you should get custom fly screens for your home.

Who are custom fly screens for?

  1. Homeowners with difficult-to-screen areas

If your home has very large openings that are impossible to screen with standard-sized screens, custom fly screens may be for you.

Similarly, if there are pillarless corners in your home that you want to screen, custom fly screens are the way to go. Unlike typical screen solutions that require you to lock them to something (e.g., another panel or a post) to keep them from moving on their own, some custom fly screens have the functionality to keep them in place even without a pillar to latch on to.

  1. Homeowners who want to enhance their home aesthetics

Custom fly screens offer you a variety of options for the materials, colors, and finishes to help you match it with your existing home decor.

Custom fly screens normally come in a sleek retrofit housing that fits seamlessly into your wall frame for a modern and discreet look. Some can even be completely recessed into the wall cavity, making them completely unnoticeable and unobtrusive to your views.

  1. Homeowners with special requirements

Whether it’s privacy, protection or convenience you’re after, custom-made fly screens will ensure you that all your requirements will be met.

They are available in a variety of mesh and fabric options that will not only keep insects out of your home but can also give you your desired level of privacy, depending on the screening material you choose. Some custom fly screens even provide protection from UV rays and strong gusts of wind and rain.

These screens are also ideal for those who want to make their homes convenient and accessible to wheelchair-users and senior citizens. Why?  Because they offer users the option to have them recessed into the floor to avoid accidents caused by tripping. Some custom-made fly screens are also available in motorized options, which is very convenient if you need to screen huge areas.

What materials are used for custom fly screens?

High-quality fly screens are built using high-grade materials like aluminium, hard-wearing plastics and fiberglass mesh to ensure years of excellent serviceability

Australian aluminium is heavy-duty yet lightweight and has been a major component in various applications such as industrial, construction, transportation, packaging, and electronics.

Most custom fly screens offer a range of mesh options that are durable and pet-friendly as well as an assortment of fabrics that may be colored, semi-transparent or block-out.

Some custom fly screens also incorporate technology, making them efficient and easy to use for users of all ages.

How much do custom fly screens cost?

The cost of custom fly screens depends on their size, your chosen material, and other specific features you want to include. Like most home improvement solutions, custom fly screens are investments that will contribute to increasing the value of your property, adding to its overall appeal, and providing great benefits that will all pay off in the end.

How to maintain custom fly screens

In order to keep your custom fly screens looking new and in good working condition, regular cleaning and maintenance are required. Gentle brushing will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on standard mesh, but special types of material may need extra attention. To be sure, consult your custom fly screen manufacturer on the best way to care for your screens.

Are custom fly screens for you?

Before getting custom-made fly screens, first consider your needs and how they will be met by specially-designed screen solutions. This includes the size of the area to be screened, your existing home decors as well as unique requirements you might have. Then set an appointment with your preferred dealer for a home inspection, measurement and quotation (which are usually free or charge). Discuss your options with your dealer including cost estimates. Finally, get an idea of the maintenance required for your desired screen solution. If all these factors align with your needs, budget and level of commitment, then custom fly screens are right up your alley.


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