5 Bathroom Renovations That Won’t Break the Bank

by Samantha on Apr 30, 2021

You do not need to spend your hard-earned money on expensive bathroom renovations when budget-friendly options are available. If your bathroom remodeling plans are up in the air due to tight funds then this article will offer some creative ideas to makeover your bath on a budget.

Get an Instant Makeover with a New Coat of Paint

Bring a refreshing change to your bathroom by painting the walls and trim. Painting is one of the simple, traditional DIY projects that can make a huge impact on any room with very little expense. Go from bland neutrals to bold, bright colors for a big pop. Or maybe shift from dark, deep colors to light and airy pastels. Whatever your taste, there is the perfect paint color waiting for you.

Before adding any paint to your cart, double check that the paint is meant for bathrooms and high moisture areas and is designed to resist mold and mildew growth. 

While you’re at the hardware store, remember to pick up painter’s tape, a wide variety of brushes, a roller brush with splash cover, a drop cloth to cover flooring, a stirring stick, a paint pan, gloves and a shower cap to cover your hair.

Save Your Bathtub with Refinishing Services

Replacing your tub, tile, shower or sink can take a big dip into your pockets. It’s not just the hundreds you’ll spend on the fixture itself - it’s also the cost of delivery, demolition, installation and old fixture disposal. When all is said and done, you’ll likely be out thousands of dollars.

That’s why bathtub refinishing is such a great alternative. Professionals who have the proper training, equipment and commercial products to reglaze your tub and tile the correct way (in a way that lasts) come in and do all the dirty work for you - typically in just one day! And the cost is usually less than $500, depending on which part of the U.S. you live.

The process involves the fixing of underlying layers followed by the addition of a layer of bonded glaze with sealant. First, a specialist fills minor chips and scratches. Next, they smooth out the surface of the tub and tile and etch it so that the final glaze is able to adhere to it properly. Finally, they professionally spray an industrial quality coating onto the top of the surface that brings back your tub’s shine.

Tub reglazing is great for restoring acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass and cast iron tubs. Whether it’s a tub-shower combination, a standalone soaker or a claw foot, this is a great option to make your fixture like new without the high expense of replacement.

Install a New Bath Vanity

The vanity in your bathroom sets the tone for the whole space. When outdated, it drags down the entire design and feel of the room. Updating a bathroom vanity can cost just a couple thousand dollars, especially if you install it yourself. The impact can be huge. Your room can go from dated 70s to modern and stylish with just one swap.

Update Hardware

Updating bathroom hardware and small fixtures can make a tremendous difference. If you’re living with aged looking oiled bronze door knobs and drawer pulls or 80s style square faucets, maybe it’s time for a mini metal overhaul. Choosing popular finishes like contemporary chrome, fashion forward copper or brass and even class satin nickel for faucets, control knobs, towel racks, shower heads, drawer pulls and door knobs can transform your bathroom for just a few hundred dollars.

Change the Linens

From the bath towels to the shower curtain, bath mat and robes, updating the cloth throughout your bathroom will also freshen up the feel of the room. It can cost as little as a couple hundred dollars to change all the linens, but the impact could be big.

Now, you can renovate your bathroom within a tight budget without compromising on quality by following these top 5 renovation ideas. Which idea will you tackle first?

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