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Top Reasons Why a Sump Pump can Prevent your Home from Flooding

by Grand Marketing Solutions on Mar 17, 2021

Sump pumps are devices that help prevent a home’s basement or crawlspace area from becoming flooded during periods of heavy rain or when excessive amounts of snow start thawing during the first weeks of spring. These units operate by kicking into action as soon as a specific level of water or moisture is detected to ensure that it gets pumped out of the basement and away from the house as quickly as possible.

They are Designed to Detect the Presence of Water and Remove it

Sump pumps have been designed in such a way that they not only detect the presence of excess moisture and/or water; as soon as the water is detected, the unit will go into action and start pumping to ensure that a home’s basement will not become flooded.

Sump pumps won’t only recognize the threat of flooding; they will immediately start operating to ensure that excess groundwater is directed away from a home’s basement and foundations and into the drainage system.

Available Types of Sump Pumps

1. Submersible

These units contain the pump device and motor in a single unit and they are installed inside a pit that has been dug in your basement. Because they are totally submerged, they are usually quieter, less prone to clogging and they take up less space than pedestal sump pumps. Keep in mind though that these units may not always last as long as other types of pumps because they remain underwater. However, this remains the best option if your home is prone to major flooding.

2. Pedestal Units

Pedestal sump pumps are made up of a separate pump and motor unit, with the motor sitting on the pedestal above the basin area and a hose running into the basin where the pump has been placed. The pump pushes water through this hose and out towards the dedicated drainage area.

Pedestal pumps are not submerged underwater continuously, meaning that they will usually last a lot longer than their submerged counterparts. It’s also easier to perform the required service and maintenance on them because they are above ground level. The only two disadvantages of these units are that they can be noisier and take up more space than submersible units.

Battery Back-up

Installing a sump pump that is supplied with the option of battery back-up power is an excellent way of ensuring that your unit will still operate in the event of a power outage occurring during bad weather. If your home’s power goes out, water will still rise in the basin, but the float switch that has been connected to battery back-up will be triggered and this will ensure that the unit continues operating.

Sump pumps are units that must be installed by qualified, licensed, and experienced plumbers, as this will ensure that they are correctly fitted and functioning properly when the job has been completed. In addition, a warranty will only be provided with these units if they have been fitted by an accredited plumber.


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