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5 Factors that Can Influence the Cost of a Roof Repair

by Guest on Dec 30, 2021

One of the most important forms of maintenance on a home is to take care of the roof. At one point or another, every homeowner will have to repair the roof. The roof repair could be as simple as having to replace a few shingles kicked up by the wind or dealing with shingles collecting water. And acting quickly to deal with any roof issue will prevent further damage which would cost you more money. 

Having the roof of your home in good condition is also a way to maintain the value of your home. Should you ever decide to sell your home, one of the things potential buyers are going to inspect and focus on is the roof. And a bad roof can significantly decrease the valuation of your home. It may even be difficult to attract buyers if the roof is in bad shape. 

The thing with roof repairs is that sometimes they are hardly as straightforward as you may think. What should be a simple roof repair may turn out to be more extensive thereby increasing expenses. There are several factors that affect the overall cost of a roof repair and they are:

Type of roof

The type of roof on your home is usually one of the most important determinants of the cost of roofing repair. Specifically, the type of material the roof is made of effects overall costs and the more expensive the material is, the more expensive the roof repair will be. But there are other factors associated with the roofing materials such as the ease or difficulty of working with the material. 

An example is metal and slate which generally have similar price ranges. However, it's more difficult to work with slate and your roofing cost may be more expensive if your roof is made of this material. Some roofs may have unique shapes or require more labor which will affect the overall cost of the roofing project. 

Condition of the roof

The current state of your roof will affect the cost of roof repairs. There are several residential roofing services available and you should have a trusted one evaluate the condition of your roof. It may be possible that the current roof can't be salvaged and a new roof will have to be installed. And this will significantly increase costs as replacing roofs is very expensive. 

It could also be that the damage is more extensive than previously thought. Inspecting your roof could reveal unseen water damage and repairing water damage tends to be expensive. 

Size/scope of roof repairs

The size of the roofing repair will also determine the final cost of the project. Usually, roofing contractors determine the price of a roofing repair by the square footage (10-foot-square area) of the roof. This is because most roofing materials are sold by the square so the minimum cost of a roofing repair will be for a square even if the damage is minimal and smaller than 10 feet.

Reputable contractors will explain this to you and return any leftover materials so you can use them should there be a need to repair your roof in the future. So, one of the things to discuss with a roofing contractor is the scope of the repair. 

Need for permits

The area you live in can complicate things when it comes to the cost of a roofing repair project as contracts may need to apply for permits to work on your roof especially if the repair is more extensive. No permit, no roofing repair. Your contractor will add the cost of the permit to your bill and this will increase the cost of the roofing repair. 

The price of a permit will depend on where you live. Some States may determine the cost of the permit based on the scope of the roofing repair or the size of your home. Others may have a flat rate for roofing repairs and you should have a chat with your contractor about whether a permit will be needed and how much it will cost.

Skylights, chimneys, and other structures

Elements on your roof such as a chimney or skylight can increase the cost of a roofing repair as they make the repair more complicated. For example, if your contractor has to flash around a chimney, they may bill more due to the cost of having to replace the flashing. 

The slope of your roof is also important as it may affect labor costs. Usually, steepers roofs are more difficult to work on and your contractor may need to use scaffolding or safety gear. And the effect of this is an increase in the cost of roof repair. 

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