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Crown Bolt M8 Stainless Metric Lock Washer (3-Pack), Metallics

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M8 Stainless Metric Lock Washer (3-Pack), Metallics

SKU: 203624171 ID: 37258 UPC: 30699372584

Crown Bolt´s split lock washer provides a larger circular bearing surface which helps prevent a nut or bolt head from pulling through the material. It is round with a hole in the center and can also be used as a spacer. Washers are commonly used in any application using a bolt where two pieces are being drawn together. Spilt design helps prevent nuts and bolts from backing out of material. The package size designates the inner diameter of the washer. Used in applications with like nuts and bolts of any kind as well as screw products. Available in various materials and finishes. Color: Metallics.

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