Cleaning Walls with Sugar Soap

by Mr Meticulous on May 1, 2021

A time of year when the weather is mild is the optimal time to clean walls, so you won't need air conditioning if you follow these recommendations. 

People tend to skip DIY wall cleaning in favor of professional services due to the time and effort involved. Well here are some tips for cleaning walls with sugar soap.

Wall Cleaning Equipment

To clean the walls by yourself, it is important to prepare all the equipment you need first. Here are all the tools you will need:

  • Broom
  • Bucket with clean water
  • Bucket with warm soapy water
  • Drop cloth
  • Dust cloth, wand, or brush
  • Towel
  • Vacuum with broom attachment or foam craft brush

Ultimate Guide To Clean Walls

You don't need any special skills to clean a home or apartment's walls, just the right material, and some elbow grease.

The surfaces you will have to clean vary in type, ranging from painted ceilings to wooden panels, as well as other types of surfaces. Different cleaning methods are used. Continue reading for detailed instructions for cleaning walls.

Unpainted Walls

You will find that clean concrete is easier to clean than painted walls. Here's what to do if it's time to wash those walls.

Take everything off the wall. Place them anywhere else in the house.
You will have more room to move if you place the furniture in the middle of the room.

Take a towel and wrap it around a broom. Wipe dust from top to bottom with it. To get the job done quicker, wrap it around the broom handle.

Place a drop cloth beside the wall of the room.

Choose a lint-free cloth for this purpose and scrub the walls from top to bottom with a washcloth.
By wiping it with a soft cloth dampened in clean water, the wall will be rinsed.

Painted Walls

Cleaning painted walls will make the paint job last longer and will make your home look better.

The easiest way to clean walls and baseboards is to get rid of dust and cobwebs first. After wiping or vacuuming the walls, follow these steps to clean walls  with flat paint:

  • Get rid of any stains. Surprisingly, silly putty is a good cleaner.
  • Scrub the walls with a cloth dipped in soapy water.
  • Remove dirt from the walls by wiping them with clean water and changing the water as needed.

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