Seven Most Obvious Signs You Need Roof Repair

by Guest Post on Feb 22, 2022

Do you pay sufficient attention to the condition of your roof? If not, you should no longer take it for granted. These structures protect houses and building from weather elements and pests while providing a comfortable living or working atmosphere.

There are various signs for individuals to look out for, both in residential and commercial roofs, such as leaks, damaged shingles, standing water, shrinkage, clogged gutters, snow and ice damage, etc. They serve to warn homeowners and building owners their roofs need repair.

Have a look at each of these warning signs in detail.


Probably the most obvious sign of roof damage is a leak. There are numerous reasons why a leak might develop, such as broken shingles, damaged flashing, missing tiles, severe weather conditions, etc. Irrespective of the exact cause, leaks might cause structural problems if left untreated for too long. Hence, both residential and commercial roofs should be regularly inspected for water damage.

In most cases, leaks have a tendency to occur under damaged shingles, in close proximity to the chimney, at flashing points, near gutters, in valleys, and close to pipes and vents. Upon noticing any of these signs, individuals should hire professional roofers to find the leak source and repair the damage. Leaks are best repaired by professionals, as most surfaces are slippery, particularly metal, slate, and tile.

Damaged shingles

Another unmistakable sign of roof damage that requires repair is the presence of damaged shingles. This issue is particularly common in residential roofs. Shingles can sustain damage from different sources, including debris, high winds, severe storms, sun exposure, debris, age, etc. Even though deteriorated shingles aren’t a pressing matter, they should be repaired or replaced within a reasonable timeframe.

Unless fixed or repaired on time, they’ll keep on exposing the roof to damage. Professional roofers have the necessary tools to break the seal between the shingles, remove the deteriorated ones, and nail the new ones in place.


Another frequent sign of roof damage that requires immediate repair is shrinkage, mainly present in commercial roofs. When a roofing material shrinks, it usually leads to other issues like cracking, deterioration, and damaged flashing. These problems occur because of the added pressure caused by the shrinkage of materials.

Shrinkage frequently affects roof surfaces covered with EPDM, referring to a synthetic membrane made from rubber. There are numerous Springfield commercial roofing professionals who provide high-quality commercial roofing services. Such roofers can help you repair the cracks and tears near the flashing, which usually result from shrinkage. The best way to prevent shrinkage is by hiring professional installation and scheduling regular inspections.

Damaged flashing

Damaged flashing is another obvious sign that individuals are supposed to hire repair services. The role of the flashing is to keep the most protruding areas sealed and protected from leaks. The usual areas where such flashing is installed include the skylights, venting pipes, the area around the chimney, or near heating/cooling systems placed on the roof.

Heating and cooling systems should be properly secured to roofing structures to avoid problems right from the start. When flashing sustains damage, the seams responsible for sealing the roof open up and lead to an array of problems. Therefore, upon noticing any signs of damaged flashing, don’t wait too long before hiring professional roofers.

Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters are another indicator of roof damage that has the potential to result in hefty repair if not fixed on time. Unless gutters are maintained on a regular basis, water will start to backlog into the roofing system. Additionally, vegetation starts growing in the gutter, which enhances water damage and leads to the rotting of the rafting tails.

The solution to this roofing problem is relatively simple, as it requires an annual gutter inspection to prevent it from happening. Professional roofers are experienced in cleaning and maintaining gutters by removing dead leaves, plants, and other types of debris. They also inspect the condition of the gutters and their attachment to the fascia. You might be suggested to install screens on the gutters to minimize the debris amount that accumulates.

Standing water

Another obvious sign that your roof needs repair is the presence of standing water. It mainly happens to flat roofs, which start sinking in certain areas. It’s of crucial importance for the water to drain off to impede serious issues. Pooled water creates continuous moisture, which results in further problems like mildew, mold, algae, rot, etc.

It takes a certain time for the water to seep into the support system and cause serious structural damage. Since standing water is usually formed on flat roofs, commercial building owners need to consider an appropriate solution for preventing water from damaging the structure, such as forming tapered areas over the surface. These slopes will allow the water to run off.

Snow and ice damage

Individuals living in areas where winter is harsh should look for signs of snow and ice damage. Poor ventilation is one of the causes of ice dam creation in winter, referring to the process of snow accumulation and its cycle of freezing and thawing. When the snow melts, it ends up under the shingles, but it refreezes when temperatures drop below zero.

Over time, the process of thawing and refreezing will push the shingles and flashing up, thus exposing the roof underneath. The greater the exposure, the stronger the cycle. It eventually leads to the creation of big chunks of ice and icicles, which look attractive but pose a real threat to your structural support.

The best method for preventing winter conditions from damaging your roof is by scheduling routine inspections in both spring and autumn. As a result, you’ll prepare the structure for the upcoming winter during the autumn inspection and check for any damage caused by winter conditions during the spring inspection.

To sum up

These signs should never be ignored just because you don’t feel like dealing with roofers.

The longer you wait, the more serious the damage!

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