Top Tips For Successfully Using Augers In Your Garden

by Nick Marr on Aug 9, 2021

An auger is a perfect way to make a hole and can be used for a variety of different things. For example, an auger is used to create a borehole, effectively giving you your own well in your garden. It can also be used to plant seeds, fence posts, or an array of other things.

Augers are also convenient as they allow you to create holes significantly faster than by using a spade. Alongside this, an auger can be used to create a hole while making a minimal mess around the hole. This is ideal when you don’t want the surrounding soil collapsing or you don’t have much room to dig.

There is a vast selection of rock augers to choose from, you need to follow these tips before you start using one in your garden.

Choose The Right Size

The key to using any auger is to choose the right size on the first attempt. Augers come in a huge array of sizes, you need to consider what the hole is for and how wide it needs to be. You can then choose an auger that matches the size you need or is just a tiny bit larger. There is no point in creating a hole significantly larger than you need, that just means more work, both in making and filling the hole. It just doesn’t make sense when there is a simpler method.

Scan Your Land First

Before you start creating holes in your garden it is a good idea to scan it first. This means checking with your local authority to find out if there are any utilities going under your yard. You can also have the yard inspected by professionals, this is an effective way of double-checking.

While this may seem like a hassle, it only needs to be done once and will prevent the embarrassing issue of making a hole in a sewer pipe. That is not a problem you want to deal with!

Can be used For Weeding

Your auger isn’t just useful for creating holes, it can also be an effective weeding tool! You can use a small auger to loosen the soil around the roots of weeds. This will make it easier to pull the root out and, if there is no root left, it can’t grow back!

This is certainly easier on your back. After all, bending to pull weeds can be a back-breaking process. Anything you can do to make this process easier makes sense.

It’s Faster

There is little doubt that an auger is faster and more efficient than simply digging a hole. Not only will it disturb less soil, but it is also very quick and easy to create any size hole. All you have to do is choose the right size auger and then either twist it by hand or use a cordless screwdriver to power it.

It can make holes in soil or rock in almost no time, allowing you to get on with what is important in your garden.

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