Driveway Drain - Why is it Important for Safety

by Guest on Apr 1, 2022

A driveway is often our first impression of a home. It tells people how we want them to feel when they're welcomed in. That's why it's important to invest in a driveway that is not only aesthetically pleasing but safe and functional as well. It can be tempting to do something like pouring cement or gravel without much thought, but the benefits of putting in a Jonite driveway drain far outweigh the cost and effort required. You'll need to take into account several factors before deciding on what type of drainage you want for your driveway, such as how long you plan on living there, if you have children or pets, and if your community has any regulations pertaining to water runoff. 

Why Is It Important To Care For Your Driveway?

driveway drain is important for two main reasons: ensuring the safety and function of your driveway.

It's important to care for your driveway because it's the first impression you create when someone arrives at your home. If it has puddles or water standing in it, people will think that you don't take care of your property and that it may not be safe to enter. They might even get their shoes wet from walking through your damp driveway, which may make them feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. It's a small detail, but investing in a proper drainage system for your driveway can make all the difference.

In addition to aesthetics, a functional and properly draining driveway is also important for safety reasons. Visitors could slip and fall, potentially injuring themselves or others around them. This is why it's so important that your driveway has good drainage capabilities. A Jonite driveway drain ensures the drainage is proper and efficient.

Drives should also be checked periodically throughout the year because leaves can build up in the cracks of pavement causing water to pool there instead of flowing off into the drain like it should. You'll want to use a rake or leaf blower with a metal blade attachment to remove any leaves before they break down and block drains or pipes completely. 

Types of Driveway Drains

There are different types of driveway drains, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Curb Drain

The curb is often used in rural areas or where the surrounding environment doesn't have a lot of pavement or concrete surface. A curb can be made from any type of stone, asphalt, or even wood. 

Pipe Drain

Pipe drains are the most common type of driveway drain and often come with pre-fabricated holes that will need to be dug into the ground for you. They are usually installed by pouring a layer of gravel over the pipes then adding sand and covering it with dirt.

French Drains

These drains run under the ground to divert water away from your driveway. A french drain will require some form of excavation and construction in order to be installed properly so take that into account when you're planning your project.

The Wet Well

A wet well is designed for climates where it rains a lot. It has three sections: an entrance ramp to slow down rain runoff, a catch basin to catch any runoff that does make it past the entrance ramp, and a sump pump to pump out the water from all three sections. 

The Dry Well

The dry well is more appropriate for drier climates. It doesn't have any type of ramp because it relies on gravity to push the water through.

A dry well is a hole dug a few feet into the ground that is filled with gravel and capped with a heavy plate to prevent rain from entering. This type of drain will act as an emergency backup in the event that pipes burst or if your sump pump malfunctions. They are easy to install, but can be messy and unsightly as they are exposed on the surface.

The French Drain

The French drain, also known as a perimeter drain, is a type of drainage system designed to collect and remove water from the soil. Perimeter drains are generally installed in low-lying areas prone to flooding. The system works by collecting water through an inlet pipe, then running it downhill until it reaches the outlet pipe - which often terminates at a natural watercourse or other man-made drain.

A French drain is an optional installation for your driveway if you live in an area that's prone to heavy rainfalls, have kids who like to play outside, or have pets. They're easy to install and can be done with minimal disruption to your yard and landscaping.


A driveway is an essential part of a home and should be cared for accordingly. If your driveway is looking dingy, or you notice water pooling at the bottom, it's time to care for your driveway. A Jonite driveway drain helps prevent accidents and keep you, your family and your home safe.

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