What Should Your Roof Estimate Include?

by mahendra kumawat on Aug 16, 2021

There are tons of different factors that go into deciding what your next roof project should include. Still, the most important factor is making sure you know what's included in a contractor estimate.

If you're looking for a contractor to perform your next roof installation, repair, or replacement project, then you must know what should be included in the estimate. This article will go over some of the common items typically included in roof estimates and how they can help make your decision easier when picking a contractor.

There are so many factors that go into deciding what your next roof project should include, but the most important is to be aware of precisely what's included in a contractor estimate. If you're looking for someone qualified and experienced to get the job done right the first time, then contact professional roofing companies for a free estimate today.

What Should Be Included in Your Roof Estimate?

Roofing materials

The cost of roofing material (shingles, for example) is typically among the most expensive items in a typical estimate. Roofers will usually offer you an option to choose between multiple types and styles, which can help make your decision easier.

Labor costs

Some contractors charge by hour only, while others charge by the project. You'll want to negotiate what type of labor cost you're comfortable with before agreeing on a contractor and starting work.

Roofing permits and inspections

Suppose you live in a city, county, or area where building codes are enforced by law. In that case, the contractor must have all of the necessary paperwork for permitting to show their qualifications and any required licenses. This will give you peace of mind that the contractor is qualified and able to do the job.

Labor warranties

Some contractors offer a warranty on labor while others don't, so you must speak with your roofer about what type of warranty they provide before committing to anything. Roofing Birmingham has experience working with various insurance companies and home warranties to ensure your needs are taken care of.

Material warranties

This one varies as well, but some companies will warrant their materials for a certain period, providing you with some assurance in the quality and durability.

End dates

Most contractors will give an estimate for when they can finish your project. Both parties must be comfortable with this before any work begins to ensure there aren't any surprises along the way.

Additional items

Some contractors will offer additional items like roofing repairs, gutter services, or even solar panel installations. This might be something to consider if you're interested in learning more about what your roofer can offer.

Seasonal pricing and discounts

In addition to an estimate of the total cost you can expect upfront from your contractor, they should also give you a seasonally adjusted estimate for when the work will be done. This is helpful so that you can plan and know what your budget should look like.

Inspection time

If there are any issues with the existing structure or if you're replacing your roof, then a qualified and experienced professional must come out for an inspection before beginning work on anything else.

Questions to ask when getting a roof estimate

  • What types of roofing material are available?
  • Can the estimate be set up to automatically update whenever there is a change in the cost of materials, labor, or living expenses?
  • What are the "hidden" costs associated with installation and maintenance: such as advertising, contractors' insurance, warranties, education, and licensing requirements.
  • Is it possible to get an estimate of how many days it will take?
  • How much does a roofer typically charge to install a new roof or replace old shingles?
  • What buildings are included in the price of the quote?
  • What other work is authorized as part of this offer, such as replacing detached decking, repairing siding, or installing gutters and downspouts?
  • How much down payment do you plan to make?
  • What is your desired project start date and completion date?Who will handle the permitting process and oversee inspections for the work done on my property by a contractor chosen by me from quotes I receive?

More often than not, we don't put much thought into what our request should be until it's too late. However, with these questions above, you can make sure your needs are met and also be able to have conversations on what exactly is being offered.


When looking at roof estimates, you should ask questions that will help you better understand what exactly is being offered. Though there are many things to consider when it comes to your estimate, the most important thing is making sure all of your needs are met and satisfied before signing any contracts or agreements with anyone. We hope these articles have helped decide what type of contractor can provide top-quality materials and labor warranties, and competitive pricing options.

Remember that the estimates here could be different depending on which contractor you choose.

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