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A Guide to Home Renovations During Uncertain Times

by Nick Marr on Sep 9, 2020

Home renovating is a popular pastime for many people. You can renovate to improve the look and feel of your home, renovate to increase the space available. Or, you can do it to sell the property for a profit.

But, whatever your reasons for renovating, you can be certain that it will cost you a reasonable sum of money.

Considering the economic uncertainty created by COVID-19, it’s understandable that many people are unsure whether to continue or not.

The good news is that renovating is possible even in uncertain times, you simply need to adopt the right approach.


Your first step is to look at the renovations you want to do. Whether you’re planning on gutting the house and restarting, or simply improving a few of the rooms, you need to make a list of the renovations.

It’s a good idea to sketch the intended changes as well. This will help to ensure what you create is the same as what you envisioned.

Once you have your list of renovations you can prioritize them. That means deciding which ones are most important.

You’ll also be able to get approximate costs for each stage of renovations. These two facts will help you decide where the best place is to start.

Breaking it into smaller sections will make it easier to fund the renovations and stop if money becomes tight.

Get Help

You may be able to do most of the work yourself but you’ll likely want some professional help with certain aspects, such as electrics or plumbing. Instead of speaking to your local firms check out labor-hire Sydney, where you’ll be able to hire the professionals you need for specific jobs, as you need them.

It’s a great way of staying in charge of your project and keeping costs segmented, which means better control of what you’re spending.


If you feel that you need the services of a small contractor then barter with them. They are also likely to be anxious about the future and money. If they’re offering you a price be prepared to barter and get the service at a lower price!

Put Your Funds Aside

You’ve created the plan and found the necessary workers, to ensure your renovation goes ahead try putting the money aside for each part of the renovation project before you start the work. This will eliminate uncertainty and allow you to focus on getting the best possible job done.

Plan The Space

Everyone is more aware of personal space and the risks involved with close personal contact. You’ll therefore need to consider the best way of having different workers on site and how to minimize the risk of spreading the virus while staying within government guidelines.

Doing this won’t just make the site safer, it will also make it easier to find contractors as they’ll see you have a reasonable policy in place to reduce risk.

There is no harm in completing the renovation slower than originally anticipated, especially if it will help you to feel comfortable paying for each stage.


Nick Marr

Nick Marr

Nick Marr is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Executive, Leadership Coach and founder of several online businesses. Nick works with thousands of real estate agents worldwide as the founder of overseas property platforms Europeanproperty.com and Homesgofast.com.

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