6 High Value Renovations to Increase Fix and Flip ROI

by Russell Barneson on Jan 26, 2021

So you have analyzed the market, purchased a property and now you are ready to renovate? After purchasing an undervalued home for a fix and flip, choosing the correct renovations will be heavily correlated to the profits you make.

Just like what location or city you choose, Fix and Flip renovations are not all created equally, so pick wisely.

Here‘s a list of 6 tried and true renovations popular with veteran real estate investors.

Bathroom or Bedroom Addition

This type of addition, though expensive, can boost your ROI on a fix and flip in a big way.

Understanding your local market is key to predicting if undertaking an expensive floor plan change can achieve a strong ROI.

Taking dead space and making an additional bedroom or bathroom can really give you a great bang for your buck. 

You‘ll want to talk to other investors or real estate agents in your chosen market to understand if this is a good renovation.

You could also use sites like Zillow, or RedFin to get an idea of what is selling in a specific neighborhood. The idea is to discover potential profitable data that would lead you to conclude something like the following: 

Of course you will also need additional space or a way to modify the existing floor plan to do this type of upgrade. 

This will depend on unique factors of your property and building, however there are some popular tried and true ways to achieve this:

  • Convert an attic into a bedroom, (or even a separate loft unit if you are in the rental game)
  • With a large yard, you could make a guest house addition
  • Converting existing storage space like a closet or space under a stairway to add a small bathroom
  • Tearing out the walls and reconfiguring 2 large bedrooms into 3 smaller bedrooms

What you choose to do will of course be unique to your property and building.These type’s of additions, though complex and expensive, can pay off in a big way. 

In some markets, a new bathroom or bedroom could add 10% more to the selling price of a home.


It’s no secret kitchens and bathrooms are what sell a home, after all the way to a person‘s heart is through their stomach.

And people often buy houses for the sole reason that they fall in love with the kitchen.

However, completely gutting a kitchen can be a costly endeavor and if done incorrectly will negatively impact your profits.

Therefore, getting creative is important, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Repainting the kitchen cabinets and upgrading their hardware is a low cost solution to make a kitchen look new again
  • If the kitchen does not flow well, try rearranging the order in which the cabinets are placed or adding an island
  • Replacing the sink can be an inexpensive upgrade that stands out, as it can be a focal point in a kitchen
  • If there is vinyl tiling, think about upgrading it to porcelain
  • Adding quartz counter tops which come in a variety of colors, do not stain and can be better customized for your specific needs


Though not the most glamorous of renovations a fresh coat of paint can make the interior of a house feel brand new again.

  • Color selection is key. But, don’t get too creative, as it’s very subjective. Try to pick something neutral
  • An interior designer can help with selecting the best color palates to match your lighting and other room features. 
  • Make sure to hire a professional painting company to ensure a job well done. 


Flooring takes wear and tear more than any other feature of a house. Nothing makes a room less appealing than worn-out carpet or old, uneven floor boards.

  • It’s best to avoid carpeting as it can look cheap and dated in these modern times.
  • Inexpensive laminate from a hardware store is always a great option. 
  • Hardwood flooring can really make a buyer’s head turn and it’s no surprise 90% of real estate brokers say “homes with hardwood flooring sell better.”
  • While hardwood flooring may not provide the best ROI, it can help sell the home faster which is key to being a successful flipper.

Entry Way

The entry way is the first thing a potential buyer or renter will see and can help establish a great first impression.

Some common upgrades for your entry way:

  • Paint the front door a contrasting color to your home
  • Make the entry way symmetrical
  • Add outdoor lighting
  • Install fresh hardware
  • Replace the door completely (if it’s run down)

Curb Appeal

Adding curb appeal to your home is a great way to attract buyers and create a great first impression.

Adding plants and trees will help to beautify a property.

Tips: It’s best to consult an expert or otherwise find out which plants and trees grow best in your region and do not require much maintenance.  

Be sure to have a nice variety of colors that blend well together as well as low maintenance trees and flowers.


Over renovating or choosing the wrong features to renovate can ruin your ROI in the fix and flip game.

Knowing your potential buyers, understanding your local market and understanding what renovations cost and what people will pay for, is integral to being a successful fix and flipper.

Staying within your budget is the biggest obstacle for any fix and flipper.

With each flip you perform you will become more educated, making this more of a science than a guessing game.  

For even more tips checkout, The 10 Best Renovations to Increase Fix and Flip ROI.

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