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Bedroom Redesign Ideas

by Guest on Feb 1, 2021

If your current bedroom layout isn’t working, you might be considering a redesign.  Getting the right result from a bedroom redesign takes a bit of planning, making sure you’ve thought through exactly what you want.  Getting some ideas together first is a good initial step to take. 

Here are a few things to consider when designing a bedroom:

The Decorating

When you’re thinking about the bedroom decoration, there’s plenty to weigh up.  Color schemes need to fit in with your tastes and create a sense of calm.  In addition, you’ll probably want your decoration to fit in with the age and style of your house.  And if your room is quite small, you’ll probably want a color scheme that helps make the room feel bigger.  Light-reflecting paints and lighter shades are good for this.

Other factors that may affect your decoration decisions are your budget and your decorating skills. If your decorating skills are quite basic, you may need to hire a decorator which will be an extra cost. If you’re planning to do it yourself, you may be looking to keep redecoration simple.  For example, avoiding trying to hang patterned wallpaper and sticking with a simple paint job on the walls.  Of course, the cost of painting a room can be expensive enough if you need to buy items such as brushes and step ladders.  It’s always a good idea to make a list of everything you need and then shop around.

The Storage

There are two main types of storage for a bedroom, and both have pros and cons.  You could buy a set of matching bedroom furniture items, such as wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside tables.  Or you could go for built-in storage.

Again, your budget will affect your decision on this, as well as your personal preference. But it’s worth considering how much space you have and how much space each option will take up.  Built-in storage can make better use of awkward spaces. However, as built-in storage often involves a design consultant coming to your home and the furniture being built to order; this can be a more expensive option.

The Bed

When redesigning your bedroom, you’ll no doubt be looking for a new bed.  Here too, there’ll be multiple considerations that need to go into your purchase.  Style, size and price being the main factors. 

The style of bed will need to fit in with any other planned décor and you’ll need to decide whether a bed with added storage will be useful.  The size will need to be big enough to provide a comfortable amount of sleeping space, but not so big it takes up all the bedroom’s floorspace.  When it comes to cost, don’t spend all the money on the frame as buying a good quality mattress is going to be the most important part of your purchase.

The Lighting

The lighting in a bedroom is sometimes difficult to get right. You want to make the most of natural light coming in during the daytime but keep it out when you’re sleeping.  Blackout curtains and blinds do a great job at blocking light, so these are a popular choice. 

The artificial lighting in your bedroom is just as important as the natural light. Soft or diffused lighting can work much better than bright white lights. This can be created with the use of soft fabric light shades and light bulbs that offer a slight yellow or orange tinged glow.



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