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Home DIY: Tools You Really Should Own

by Guest on Apr 25, 2016

Even if you’re not a homeowner or someone who likes DIY, you’ve probably come up against a situation where you were without the essential tools to do everyday tasks. Never be without the essential tools you need again.

Manual Screwdrivers

From tiny screws in your glasses to large picture or mirror screws in your wall, you’ll want to have all kinds and sizes of manual screwdrivers in your toolbox or DIY kit for those pesky loose fittings. What kind of screwdrivers are there? Here are a few of the essential universal screwdriver heads seen all over the place that you can get individually or in a set in various sizes:

  • Philips – the classic cross-head screw type
  • Slotted – simple linear screw
  • Pozidriv – made of two superimposed crosses
  • Clutch – a bow-shaped central screw head
  • Robertson – typically a square shape

Multi-function Power Tools

A good quality multi-functional power tool from a place like SGS Engineering will stand you in excellent stead to tackle a whole host of household tasks. Having a multi-function power tool means you won’t need to have a whole team of tools in your garage; you can get to grips with loads of different jobs without taking up a lot of space. Tools like this will come with multiple fittings that will ensure you only need the one. You can get extra extensions for other jobs too.


You’d be surprised at how many uses pliers can have in daily life. You can get a variety of shapes and sizes for different uses, such as fine-pointed pliers, tapered edges, bent nosed, chain nosed, and flat-headed pliers, to name but a few. They can have many different uses for manipulating tough materials, especially in home hobbies like jewelry-making, and other jobs including the following:

  • Making loops or curves in tough wire
  • Opening and closing strong materials
  • Unscrewing a tight bolt or screw
  • Pulling out nails that need a firm grip

Allen Keys

Allen keys, or ‘hex keys’, are small L-shaped lengths of robust metal with a hexagonal cross-section shape that is used both to drive bolts in and out of other materials. They’re essential for flat pack furniture assembly and countless other odd jobs around the house, you can pick up a decent set of these for little money and they’ll last you a lifetime.

Once you get the right tools in your household arsenal, you won’t need to worry about those odd jobs piling up – you’ll be a DIY whiz in no time with all the tools of the trade to make your life easier. 

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