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TEKTON TEKTON 3/4 in. Cold Chisel

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TEKTON 3/4 in. Cold Chisel

SKU: 205820385 ID: 66007 UPC: 20209660072

To cut cast iron, steel, brass, bronze, copper, and aluminum when a torch or saw will not do, use the TEKTON 3/4 in. Cold Chisel. It neatly cuts off rivet heads and rusted bolts and cleans up after drilling or welding, removing burrs, waste and slag. Made from premium, high carbon steel, each chisel is individually heat treated. This carefully controlled process creates a strong, hardened cutting edge while maintaining the temper of the striking end, allowing it to absorb hammer blows without chipping. Rough ground after forging, the blade is sharpened a second time after heat treating, producing a keen, high-performance cutting edge.

Only $9.44 at HomeDepot

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