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Four Ways to Clean Wood Products in Your Home

by Guest on Sep 29, 2021

Wooden furniture and wooden surfaces can be tough to maintain, primarily if they collect dust frequently and require constant cleaning. There are several ways to keep wood products looking good for a long time. You will come across terms such as waxing, cleaning, dusting, and polishing. The right kind of technique usually depends on the type of furniture or wood product and the quality of its finish. Read on to find out how you can clean the wooden surfaces in your houses, such as hardwood floors and cabinets.


If you're trying to get rid of dust or a light stain on a surface like a cabinet, then simply wiping it off with a cloth might work. Dusting is a relatively simple technique that you can do regularly to prevent build-up on your wood surfaces. Using a light cloth or a feather brush, wipe the surface of the wood to get rid of dust. Regularly dusting wooden furniture can help elongate its life span.


If, after dusting the surface, the stain(s) or build-up persists, there are a variety of wood cleaners available that will help do the job. However, you can also prepare many different types of DIY cleaning mixes at home that can work on most wooden furniture and surfaces, including wood kitchen cabinets. A simple solution of some dish soap in warm water can remove mild to tough stains on wooden surfaces. Just be careful when wiping the surface to not saturated the piece with the liquid as it may affect the surface of the wood. Your cloth should be damp, not soaked.


Say, for example, you've had an antique wooden chest for more than five years. By cleaning it regularly, you will be maintaining the wood product while at the same time wearing off its previous coat of polish. Polish is a special oil that is used to coat the wood surface to protect it. 

Manufacturers advise that you should polish wooden pieces regularly to protect the quality of the surface finish. However, it would be best not to rush to polish every piece in your house because an article you read said so. Inspect the surface that requires polish, and if it looks dull, dry, or cloudy, you can go ahead and apply a layer of polish. Remember that since it's made of oil, the polish can turn your woodwork into a dust magnet, so only do it if necessary.

What You Need to Know Before Polishing Furniture 

  • Ensure the surface to be polished has adequately been dusted and cleaned to avoid sealing dust under your layer of polish
  • It is advisable to use a cloth to rub the polish on the wood surface instead of spraying it on directly. Director spraying the polish on the surface of the wood can cause spots to be left behind
  • An excellent ingredient to look for in your polish is beeswax. It is a natural oil that will seep into the wood surface of your kitchen cabinets and leave them looking as good as new
  • You can use rubbing alcohol to remove any grease or dirt on the surface of your furniture before applying polish

Cleaning Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are one of the most challenging floors to maintain, as they require extra care when cleaning them. You can also organize periodic waxing of your wooden floors to ensure they last longer and maintain their clean look. The rule of thumb with wooden or laminate floors that have been waxed is to keep water away from them. When you use water to clean wooden floors, the wood absorbs the water, and this may cause damage to your floor and prevent it from lasting. Therefore, water should be used sparingly, only to remove tough stains using a damp cloth. 

Before selecting a detergent or cleaning agent for your wooden floor, ensure you understand what type of floor finishing or sealant has been used on your floor. Some cleaning agents are too strong and may damage the floor surface. Many homeowners prefer to use homemade floor cleaners for the benefits they provide over store-bought ones. Some cleaning agents may contain chemicals that can react with your skin, hence are not suitable for household floors. 




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