Four Things to Consider When Hiring a Deck Builder

by Guest Post on Mar 21, 2021

If you are looking for a project that you can do at home, why not consider adding a deck? It can be a new space for family and friends to hang out with. It is also a project where you can inject your personal preference, creativity, and style. Above all, it can increase your home’s value and appearance.

Before you embark on this personal project though, let us take a look at the things that you should consider before hiring a deck builder.

Here are the four things you should consider when hiring a deck builder:

The Contractor’s Price

You can opt to have a freelance deck builder build your patio or ask a reliable deck builder to do the job for you. Regardless of your choice, you should check the contractor’s price first. The price depends on the size of your deck. Each contractor provides its estimate. Always ask a contractor to give you an estimate before signing a contract.

The Contractor’s Experience

Hiring a reliable concrete patio builder is easier if the contractor is listed online or has a website. They often have their portfolio available for future customers to see. You can also check their feedbacks from old customers. Their customer reviews can tell you how experienced they are in the deck-building business. Beware of fake reviews from fake customers.

You can also use word of mouth and recommendations from friends to gauge a contractor’s experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and proof of their previous work.

The Contractor’s Service

When hiring a deck builder, check for their other services. Can they do customization? Do they offer repairs and maintenance services? Can they do special services like screening? If you can find a deck builder that can offer other services aside from deck building, then you are in luck. It means having a single phone number to call whenever you need them.

The Contractor’s Tools

A good contractor is equipped with every tool he needs to make his job a success. Building a beautiful patio doesn’t just require skills, it also requires tools and materials. Can your contractor provide the materials you want for your deck such as pressure-treated lumber, hardwood, or composite decks? Can they provide different designs for you to choose from (in case you don’t have a design in mind yet)? Do they have all the construction tools they need to build your deck?

Lastly, a good contractor should have time to inspect and make sure that your deck construction is in order, on time, and are always ready to answer your questions.

Should You Hire A Contractor or Make It A DIY Project?

Hiring a deck builder is an added cost to your deck-building project. You have to pay not just for labor, but also for their time overseeing the project. You also have to trust your contractor hence if you have a problem trusting other people, it might be best to go DIY on your patio project.

However, before thinking of the additional cost of hiring a deck builder, you should remember that you are hiring a professional. It means having a quality deck that can last for years. Having a professional deck builder also means having your deck in a matter of days. You can find a professional deck builder that can complete the project in days. It means saving time and effort in waiting for your deck to be ready for use.

Lastly, a professional deck builder can offer you insights on how to make your deck project a success. They can help you with the design, choosing the best material for your patio, and tips on how to maintain your newly built patio.

Blunders to Avoid When Building a Deck

If you have an existing deck, do not just replace it with the same material or style. Renovating your old deck is a chance to make it more appealing. Also, if you are adding a concrete deck or a wood deck for the first time, do not just attach it somewhere in your house.

Plan your deck based on your existing home design. Use your door as the main point. If you are adding a low deck, there is no need to add guardrails. Avoid building low decks. The space under a low deck can serve as a sanctuary for wild animals and insects.


Adding a deck to your home is a rewarding project. it is expensive, yes, but consider its long-term effect on your family and property value in the long run. For best results, always consider the four things we mentioned when hiring a deck builder. It might take you some time to find a reliable contractor but once you found one, you can just sit back and relax and watch your dream deck starts to form.

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