Choosing a Smart Thermostat vs Traditional

by Nick Marr on Jul 19, 2021

With the growth, home automation has become a major stay in a lot of houses around the globe. This is a result of many smart home devices that exist to make life easier. Smart thermostats are smart home devices to gain popularity in recent years. The emergence of smart thermostats has however led to a debate regarding traditional thermostats. As such, a lot of individuals have a hard time choosing between a smart thermostat or a traditional thermostat. The rest of the article will provide useful information to help you make the right choice.

  • Programming: A traditional thermostat is not programmable, as you need to press a button to get the desired temperature. It also requires you to check the temperature manually before adjusting it to the preferred temperature. With a smart thermostat, you do not have to do so much, as it is programmable. Before leaving home, you can program your smart thermostat to the desired temperature around the time that you get home. By doing this, you can be sure to arrive at home, with the temperature of the house at the level that you want.
  • Access: Using a smart thermostat, you can change the temperature in your home even when you are out. With the help of an application, you can connect to your smart thermostat on your phone, and adjust the temperature in the home with ease. What is more? Some smart thermostats come with a voice feature, allowing you to change the temperature using a voice command.

For traditional thermostats, remote access is not available as you have to be in the room to adjust the temperature. You have to stand right in front of a traditional thermostat to make desired changes.

  • Smart Functionality: Smart thermostats are just as smart as the name suggests, as they learn patterns adjusting accordingly with time. This simply means that smart thermostats get familiar with your temperature preference, and automatically adjust to that with time. For example, if you regularly put on the AC at the end of the day, your smart thermostat will learn this behaviour and adjust automatically. This feature is not present with traditional thermostats. You always have to adjust the temperature, as they do not have any smart functionality.
  • Regular Reports: A smart thermostat will give you regular detailed reports, which are vital to your energy consumption. These reports will give you details on the energy that you are consuming, energy that you are saving, as well a comparison between monthly energy usage. The reports will also help you to detect any problem with your AC or heater. A traditional thermostat on the other hand cannot offer this, as it has no record-keeping capabilities.

All in all, it is clear that times are changing and the world is advancing. It is, therefore, best to change with the times, by using the latest technology. A smart thermostat will serve you well, giving you the best of industrial air conditioning.

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