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How Renovation can Improve Quality of Life — 6 Tips

by Valerie Muscat on May 28, 2019

There’s no question that today’s families are under a lot more pressure than those of a few years ago. Or at least, there’s a different kind of pressure that affects each person’s life:

  • Getting ahead in a more competitive business environment
  • Making your budget work with ever increasing inflation
  • Staying healthy in a world where pollution and processed food have a negative impact on health

So why mention this on a home repair website? Because your next renovation project could help your family enjoy better quality of life if you get it right.

Let’s show you how.

Changes in Your Home that Affect Quality of Life

So, which of these does your family need first?

Create Opportunities to Relax

As mentioned, stress is a major problem for many people in modern society. What you need is a place to get away from the bustle of the office. Your home is supposed to be that safe space. But is it?

Perhaps you simply don’t have an area that soothes your senses:

  • Create the opportunity of a stunning view by going up to the roof. Thanks to roof access hatches this is a viable, safe idea as long as your roof is flat and sturdy.
  • If you know your family enjoys movies and gaming, creating an entertainment area with a big screen TV may be more valuable than you think.
  • Some people will be more inspired to have family get togethers outside by adding an outdoor pizza oven to the patio.

Make your home your oasis and you’ll breathe a sigh of relief as soon as you walk through the front door.

Do You Like What You See?

With renovations it’s vital you don’t think in a practical way only. It has been proven that visual stimulations such as colours can affect mood. You may also have a natural inclination to certain hues more than others. So, make sure you incorporate them in your design.

Here it’s important to ask all family members for their input. Your partner may have different ideas to what can be described as ‘pretty’. Add different family members’ input to different rooms so everyone’s preferences are taken into account.

This isn’t simply to create an aesthetically pleasing home; when you use what you love, a house will seem more inviting and comfortable. Once again that can lead to alleviating stress as you adore what you come home to after a rough day at the office.

How Smart is Your Home?

With today’s renovations you have to look past simple brick and mortar: have you included technology in your plans?

A smart home can do many tasks on your behalf to make your home life effortless:

  • Shutting off lights or the AC when sensors gauge that no one is using the room.
  • Adjusting AC to suit your temperature preferences.
  • Manage your appliances in the kitchen or elsewhere via your mobile phone so you don’t have to rush through the house to get everything done.

Those are simply a few examples of how tech can make life a little easier.

How Green is Your Home?

The smart tech mentioned above doesn’t only affect your stress levels. What about your health?

A green home is designed to benefit the environment as it will save water and power, making sure you limit your carbon footprint. But many of these green home features also affect your quality of life. Green homes often incorporate less toxic materials than other homes, making the air you breathe much healthier than before.

An added benefit: Won’t you feel good about your life when you know your lifestyle doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment?

Can Your Home Save Your Money?

Don’t be concerned about your budget while reading through all these tips. A renovation project that benefits your lifestyle can actually be good for your pocket too.

For starters an upgraded home—especially if you follow modern trends such as building a green home—can increase your property’s value immensely. That means the resale value will sky rocket, making it easy to sell if you ever need to.

Other features will save you money in the long run, even if you have to spend a lot of cash now. Adding large windows means you’ll use fewer lights during the day. And a smart home is designed to save you a lot of money on utility costs.

Even regular maintenance can be affected as green homes’ natural surfaces—such as granite countertops or slate tiles—require less cleaning. Simple wipe downs are enough. That gives you more time to enjoy life.

Health and Safety in Every Aspect

Here’s a bonus related to using natural elements like stone in your home: they usually require fewer toxic cleaning products. Use natural maintenance products which will lead to better quality air and a safer environment for all.

You can see that one small change in your home often sparks many benefits. A renovation isn’t simply a building project. This is how you can get the life you want and deserve.


Don’t get daunted by the list we created. The key to renovation—especially if you plan on using DIY techniques—is to take up one project at a time. Trying to do everything at once may be too overwhelming. Pick one and get started.


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