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Quick Tips for Staging Your Home for Open House

by Guest on Jan 20, 2018

The process of putting your home on the market happens quite fast. Before you know it, potential buyers are asking about an open house so they can check out their possible new home. You may only have a few days to stage your home for your buyers, and this means decluttering and cleaning your home as soon as possible.

How can you prepare your home for an open house in just several days? You do not want to put off a possible sale, but your home needs to be presentable for your buyers. Here are several quick tips for staging your home for an open house.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Whether your buyers are doing a quick drive-by or arriving for an open house, your exterior is the first thing they are going to see when they pull up to your home. Use the next few days to wash the front windows, mow the lawn and power wash the siding and walkways. You can also run to the nearest home improvement store for a new mailbox or house numbers.

Clear Out The Clutter

There is a chance you have already taken this step to lighten the load before packing. If you are behind on this step, now is the best time to start decluttering your home. You only have a few days to sort through your belongings, so you want to start by discarding or recycling anything that is expired or damaged. Use several storage bins to hide the items you wish to donate or sell, which you can place in a storage unit or another house. You should also do a quick but thorough cleaning so your guests are not looking at dust and dirt in your home.

Hide Your Personal Items

Once you decide to sell your home, you should start emotionally detaching yourself from the house. It should only take a few hours or days to depersonalize your home. This is done so your buyers can see the features of the house, and it allows them to imagine their own belongings in each space. Start by packing away your personal photographs, family heirlooms, and collectibles. You should also hide items such as your mail, toiletries, and medications. You can always unpack your mail, toiletries, and medications after the open house, but you may want to pack up your photographs, heirlooms, and collectibles until after the move.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If you ask for help from your peers, you can rearrange your living room furniture in less than a day. It is recommended to float your furniture to showcase the size and traffic flow of the space. One idea is to rearrange your couch, coffee table, and chairs into a conversational group in the center of the room.

Set Different Scenes

There are certain things you can do to quickly set the scene in each room. You can set the table in the dining area with dishes and an attractive centerpiece, or you can add new towels and decorative soaps to the bathroom. Setting the scene helps your buyers to envision living in their possible new home.




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