Cleaning Methods for Tiles and Grout Cleaning

by Bonnie Phillips on Dec 15, 2019

Any home-owner whose home has tile flooring knows how easy it is to keep the tiled wall or floor clean until they cannot. Tile can build up some pretty tough stains that are too hard to remove simply by washing or mopping. It is even worse with grout. Dirt, food particles and sticky substances stuck in grout are hard to remove, and if mold or mildew is developing in it, then there is no other way out but getting professional help. But until it is that bad, it makes perfect sense to clean your tiles and grout yourself.

DIY Home Remedies

Many DIY home remedies are perfectly safe and eco-friendly and are effective in most cases of minor stains. The easiest one is cleaning simply using a scrub and water, preferably hot water. For grout cleaning, use a toothbrush, as it is small enough to get into the corners and edges. You can use baking soda and lemon juice or vinegar along with it. The best way to go about this is to spray some water, add required amounts of the ingredients if you are using them, and give it all a good traditional scrub.

The above method works with most of the usual household stains. Some stains might be irremovable by light substances. In that case, use something stronger, like ammonia or bleach. The procedure remains the same, but you should wear gloves and masks and keep the room well-ventilated while working with these. Kerosene is mainly useful for greasy stains.

Why chose Professionals?

Professionals employ a scientific, step-by-step approach. It starts with a pre-check for damage. They next apply a tile and grout cleaner to the floor and lets it sit for some ten minutes. The cleaner they use is usually safe for the environment. The next step is scrubbing, using rotating brushes to get all the angles. Following this, they use a specialized and environment-friendly step to get the dirt and stains out entirely. In this step, one or a combination of steam cleaning, pressure cleaning, or vacuum cleaning, using just water, is used. Different nozzle sizes should be used for tiles and grout, due to their on-width differences.

Professional cleaners may or may not do a sealing job on the tile floor to put a protective layer, to cover the tiles from penetration of stains in future cases. If not, you should call the required people to do the same for you. A little action goes a long way, which is why you must actively clean your tiles surfaces daily by sweeping or dusting, mopping, and drying to keep away stains and spots.

To conclude

While time management and cost factors are the major reasons for going with personal cleaning, sometimes it is better to call local tile and grout cleaning professionals if you are unsuccessful or damaging the floor. They are better trained to specifically recognize and handle a particular issue with your tiles or grout and address it specifically. They also clean far more effectively, which is why it is best to call them when in trouble.

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