Are Power Washing Services in Safe for a Home?

by Kenneth Eres on Oct 21, 2020

Before you schedule power washing services in , you might be concerned about how safe this work is for your home and property. Homeowners might read stories online about water damage caused by pressure washing and wonder if they should schedule this service for their house, or if there is a better way to remove dirt, dust, and mold from exterior surfaces.

As a responsible homeowner, it’s good to research any home improvement or repair process before simply assuming it’s safe and effective. It’s also useful to note alternatives to those services, so you make the best choice for your property! If you’re concerned about  pressure washing for your home, note some vital information about its effectiveness, how this work is performed safely, and an alternative to standard power washing services you might consider.

When Power Washing Services in  Are Not Safe For a Home

Power washing services for  homes are damaging only when done incorrectly! One reason homeowners want to avoid DIY pressure washing is that it’s easy to dislodge roofing tiles, dent soft surfaces, and even shatter exterior glass when using too much pressure.

A professional  power washing company also knows how to check for damage and corrosion along exterior brick and siding, and to tape off or avoid those areas. A homeowner not trained on proper techniques for power washing services might overlook chips and cracks in brick and siding, washing over those areas and letting water seep into the home’s framework. This can then lead to water damage and resultant mold growth.

A homeowner also does well to note electrical outlets, wiring, and other fixtures, and ensure they’re properly covered before power washing. A professional contractor will tape those areas as needed and use caution when cleaning around anything electrical, to avoid shorts, sparks, and other such damage.

Professional  power washing companies are also careful about when they schedule their services. This is because bright, hot sunlight can dry cleaners and detergents during the cleaning process. Leaving behind residual detergent can mean messy streaks and attracting more dirt than before! Rather than risking damage to a home, they might prefer to schedule your needed power washing services in  during the early morning hours, for example.

How Power Washing Services in  Protect a Home and Property

While improper power washing techniques and overlooking needed prep work can damage a home, professional power washing services  protect your property while also improving curb appeal and improving outdoor air quality! How so?

First note that dirt, mud, grass clippings, air pollution residues, and other debris clinging to your home’s exterior all hold lots of damaging moisture and chemicals. That debris eats away at brick, siding, and roofing shingles, leading to chips, cracks, and other damage. In turn, those cracks and chips allow moisture into the home, leading to damage and potential mold growth.

Dirt, soot, and air pollution residues as well as storm debris work their way around roofing shingles and tiles, loosening them and risking cracking and other damage. Algae is especially dangerous for a roof, growing around asphalt tiles and literally eating away at those shingles!

Power washing services remove all that dangerous, damaging debris from a home’s exterior walls and other surfaces. Not only does this protect your home, but pressure washing also removes unhealthy mold, mildew, and pollen clinging to the house as well! In turn, you can breathe easier when outside without bothersome odors and irritants.

Regular power washing services are also an excellent way to improve your property’s curb appeal, washing away unsightly dirt, water stains, and dried dust. Your home’s outside walls and roof, your deck and patio, and all other surfaces will look like new when you invest in professional pressure washing in .

Soft Wash, the Safest Power Washing Services in 

While professional power washing services  are typically safe and beneficial for a home, you might consider soft wash systems for your property. Soft wash power washing starts with a specialty detergent that dissolves thick dirt, mud, and dust. Once dissolved, a power washing contractor only needs slightly pressurized water to wash away all those residues.

Soft wash power washing services  are an excellent choice for older homes especially, as aged and worn shingles, windows, and other building materials might be more prone to damage from high pressure rinsing. Soft wash systems also provide excellent gutter cleaning services, as soft pressure washing means little to no splashing and splattering!

If you’ve been putting off needed power washing services in  because you were concerned that it might damage your home, call a pressure washing contractor today. He or she can note the best systems for cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces without damage, protecting that home from dirt and storm debris while also keeping it looking its best.

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