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The Cleaning Secret: 10 Hassle-Free Commercial Office Cleaning Suggestions

by Guest on Jul 11, 2018

For many working professionals, the office is a second home. The same with a home, nobody wants to work in a place where everything is not organized, dirty, and rubbish. No one wants to stay in a not conducive and germ-ridden working place.

Having a dirty working place can leave your employees demotivated. Your working interest will be diminished and most probably ended up leaving the company. It will also leave clients the wrong impression.

That said, you may go over the things enumerated below to be guided with some office cleaning tips so you can keep everything in order, fresh, and clean.

Make a Plan

To create a cleaning plan means to have everyone involved. When everyone is involved, you have to be a more likely successful and clean office.

Let everyone know what tasks are they going to take in maintaining the cleanliness of their working stations and other parts of the office. Assign different tasks and make sure that everyone has an equal share so they can do it effectively on a daily basis.

Don’t Clutter

The only way where a clean office happens is when there are no litters and clutter. Some decluttering jobs involve removing refused things in your workspace.

More than that, you also need to break down or put out boxes that are not useful or try recycling them when needed. If you find dishes and cups in your working station, secure them in your locker or put them in the kitchen area.

Clear your Desk

Clearing your desk means removing all the folders, papers, and other items in an order. If possible, you can have a layered box in your office to put them in order. You may also keep or throw them when no longer needed.

Putting away all items on your desk can leave it free of cleaning. Clearing your desk will help your office look more organized and clean.

Check on the Windows

Windows can quickly build up dirt if they are not cleaned regularly. Ideally, cleaning your windows on a daily basis is needed to make sure that everything is clean and dust free. It will give a fresher vibe when employees are working.

Empty the Trash Bins

Trash bins should regularly be emptied or when full. Most of the time, employees eat on their desks, and there’s always a chance of bin smell. This is hazardous to the wellness of everyone working; thus, trash bins should be cleared when necessary.

Moreover, trash bags are helpful to empty the bins leaving it still clean and uncontaminated with food and beverage remains.

Phones, Computers, and Keyboards

These working materials easily magnets specks of dust and dirt all over the room. Cloth and a cleaning spray can help you out readily.

Comfort Rooms and Toilets

Keeping the toilets clean and disinfected is vital. It is one of the places in the office that maintains high traffic because workers use them from time to time. So, it’s always essential that toilets are clean to avoid infections and diseases in the office it may cause.


After using the kitchen utensils such as dishes, spoons, and fork need proper cleaning and washing. If there are microwaves, it should also be cleaned and appropriately wiped after use. Spills and leaving food leftovers will result in difficulty cleaning later.

Mopping and Sweeping

Cleaning your work area is the same as mopping and sweeping the floors. Also, while mopping your floors make sure that there are warning signals so that someone will not be slipped or commit any accident.

Walk Around

Walkthrough the office on a regular basis. Take paths the same where your client walks because they may study about the surroundings and check how clean and maintained it is. It is also one of their considerations of investing more in your office.

Moreover, if the cleanliness of your office is working and maintained, then there should be no reasons that it is not healthy for the workers and the clients in overall.


Keeping your workplace well maintained and cleaned can mean a motivated and productive workforce. It boosts client’s confidence and leaves a good impression of your office. 




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