Carpet Cleaning Method to Choose From

by Guest Post on Jul 14, 2021

Spring has come, and a good cleaning is necessary for your house. It involves carpet cleaning that normally happens every 12 months at least. This refers to stain removal to extend the life of the carpet. More frequent cleaning will improve the carpet’s performance but it depends on its warranty details.

Many cleaning methods apply for carpets, such as dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and even a way of cleaning for DIYers. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, so then choosing the method that will suit your requirements matters.

Different Carpet Cleaning Method And Their Pros and Cons

Here are the three types of carpet cleaning that guarantee nicer indoors when spring takes place. It comes with a list of pros and cons to help you decide which one is perfect for your needs.

Wet Carpet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is so-called steam cleaning. It has to use hot water extraction to fully sanitize a carpet of any size.

First, apply a conditioning shampoo on the carpet to melt down soil and other stains. In between the carpet fibers are dirt and allergens that must be deep cleaned. A cleaning solvent can help to easily eliminate those. Use a machine to spray the formula and then suck it up to get the dirt.

Housekeepers may choose between portable and truck-mounted steam cleaning devices. The portable unit is limited to small spaces, like apartments and residential houses. While truck-mounted options are for overall carpet cleaning to deliver the best possible experience.

Professional carpet cleaning can be expensive but you can reduce the cost by selecting the areas to clean around. Make sure that the entire surface of the carpet is thoroughly cleaned.


  • It is highly recommended by professional carpet cleaning services
  • Use a cleaning solvent that guarantees deep cleaned carpets
  • The high temperature and pressure help to deliver the best results
  • Annual wet carpet cleaning is prescribed by cleaning experts



  • Drying the cleaning solvent may take longer, however, some tools can reduce time
  • A little bit expensive due to the equipment used

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This one refers to surface carpet cleaning. It still requires the use of water but not as much as wet carpet cleaning. For that reason, carpets dry faster and are perfect for maintenance cleaning. Dry cleaning is additionally convenient for high-traffic areas.

A powder mixture together with other cleaning agents is applied to the carpet. Let the carpet’s surface absorb the formula for about 15 minutes to be more effective in removing the dirt and soil. Counter-rotating brushes will speed up the cleaning process for carpet fibers.


  • An easy cleaning method for beginners without any training
  • Carpets will be ready to use after 20 minutes
  • Affordable and highly convenient


  • Does not support deep cleaning of carpets
  • Some powder mixture may not be completely removed from the carpet that may cause dust

DIY Carpet Cleaning

DIY cleaning could be an alternative for hiring cleaning experts but won’t deliver the same results. Homeowners can buy cleaning machines at local hardware stores that can manage to clean carpets. However, the tool can be limited to small cleaning jobs that you may consider professional cleaners to work for you.

DIY machines have less power to deep clean carpets and as a result, they can be pretty wet for a longer time.

In addition to that, DIY cleaning demands more additional costs compared to professional cleaning that includes everything in one price. You will also need the help of experts in picking the right machine for carpet cleaning to avoid mistakes.


  • There is no need to schedule appointments with cleaning services
  • Initially, promotes a useful purchase
  • Give total control to the homeowners


  • It can be exhausting to clean carpets by yourself
  • Does not guarantee deep cleaned carpets
  • Slow to dry

How to extend your carpet’s lifespan?

These different methods of carpet cleaning can still cause problems after eliminating the dirt and stains. Mold growth may take place, as well as cracks and stains that could ruin the carpet. A carpet cleaner will be accountable for keeping the material dry after the cleaning.

Clients should ask professional cleaners the type of chemicals they plan to use for everybody’s safety.

Here are some of the common chemicals that could harm carpets quality:

  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Butane
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Glycol Ethers
  • And a lot more

Better choose cleaning experts that use eco-friendly formulas to avoid exposing even your family to harsh chemicals.

Daily spotting of debris is necessary to keep your carpet lasting longer. Focus on high-traffic areas that have the most soil which must be eliminated regularly. Wet cleaning is not a sensible choice at some point in time, it should only be done occasionally.

Overall, proper maintenance with the right chemical cleaners will extend your carpet’s life.

Which carpet cleaning services are best recommended? 

Leading carpet cleaners aim for a hygienic and fresher environment through regular carpet cleaning. They are ready to help both commercial and residential properties in cleaning their carpets and rugs. High-performance cleaning methods are used, such as steam, dry, and Bonnet carpet cleaning.

Each method has to eliminate allergy-causing dirt and debris that is way better than simply vacuuming the carpets. The cleaning process best suits all types of carpets with skilled workers who are equipped with the proper equipment and cleaning products.

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