Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned After an Illness?

by Nick Marr on Jul 22, 2021

The chore of vacuuming your carpet will only cope with the dirt and dust settled on top layers. However, what a regular vacuum does not solve is the bacteria, germs, fungus, and other containments trapped deep inside the fabric. These pollutants are a major health risk and can accumulate to cause major threats to your family’s wellbeing.

Whenever you have recovered from the flu or other contagious viruses, it is recommended to take the cleaning process sincerely.  The aftermath of an honest sanitizing project will yield as much benefit as one taking their prescription timely. This article will guide you on why carpet maintenance and cleaning should not be underestimated, especially if there is a recovering patient in your house:

  1. Carpet Harbors Harmful Germs

Carpet laid across your home or office space is subject to regular trapping of germs and microbes your shoes carry inside. Acting as a filter, the carpet can trap damaging air pollutants and bacteria that may go unnoticed. This can fire back as carpets can then become a convenient area for germs to settle inside your home.

These trapped health hazards can only be removed through a thorough and expert carpet cleaning. Professional outlets resolve this issue through truck-mounted steam cleaning method which properly sterilizes the carpet via high pressure warm water extraction and strong cleaning agents.  

  1. Infectious COVID-19 Threat

The world is coping with the pandemic-scale spread of COVID-19 virus. The precautionary methods of wearing a mask when outdoor and using sanitizers have become second nature in our routine. However, often at times we undervalue the importance of deep house cleaning. You can carry the virus residue around your house and can be easily trapped inside carpet flooring.

The most at-risk from COVID-19 are elderly and young children. Children, especially, spend most of their time on the carpet and may even put toys in their mouth which were previously dropped on the carpet. Hence, children remain susceptible if you ignore cleaning your carpet regularly and mainly if one of you have been recently infected by the virus.

  1. Mold Growth

Mold spores are small enough to stay between carpet fibers undetected. Many molds can cause hay fever and asthma complications, especially children are vulnerable to asthma through mold presence. Recovering patients and recently ill can form allergies and breathing impediments due to mold. Hidden mold spores trapped in your carpet can grow and spread within 24 hours after being exposed to moisture. Damp areas like kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms become breeding grounds for mold.

Hence, it is advisable to not use wall-to-wall carpets in some rooms and design your floor work with carpet tiles. Professional experts can curb mold spread if its in an initial stage but if your agent recommends changing it, do consider replacing your wall-to-wall carpet with rugs or carpet tiles. Carpet tiles or rugs can be easily replaced if any mold growth or damage occurs and can also result as a cheaper solution.

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