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Home Flooring Products- Benefits of Timber Flooring

by Guest on Aug 21, 2017

Timber floors are highly recommended when selecting flooring for renovation and building projects. Timber features its natural grain and color that is suitable for any home environment with the option of different shades. Its distinct appearance is associated with timless elegance.

The high quality of timber creates a tough and resilient alternative to other types of flooring options. It is also easy to maintain unlike choices such as carpets that often trap allergens and dirt or have a limited lifespan that warrants frequent replacements.

Durable and Low Maintenance

  • Timber lasts for several years and is a practical solution when people seek a low maintenance flooring choice. A high-quality wooden floor will serve its purpose for a long time. People often replace their carpets after a few years for reasons such as holes and permanent stains. Even with minimal maintenance, the appearance of a wooden floor improves as time goes by.
  • Cleaning is a relatively simple task with the right cleaning products and materials. The surface coating of the floor is kept intact by using appropriate cleaning techniques and avoiding appliances such as steam mops that can diminish its lifespan.
  • Timber floors are typically easier to clean than other options. With a light vacuum and quick brush, you can keep your floors looking good as new.
  • If your timber floor showcases the effects of wear and tear such as scratches or slight damage, this can be easily addressed with solutions like sealing that will help to restore its appearance and prevent the high costs of refitting a new type of floor.


The natural and attractive appearance of timber flooring creates a comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing environment. Natural flooring is an eco-friendly choice that offers exemplary energy efficiency as well as less energy being used during initial production.

Wood is a beneficial material for flooring that goes beyond aesthetics and functionality. It is linked to improving people’s moods and enhancing air quality. This has led to its steadily growing demand in the flooring market.

Worthwhile Investment

Timber floors are worthwhile investments that add character and value to a home. When this type of floor is properly installed, it will last for years to come. Although some people may be worried about the initial cost of wood flooring in comparison to options like linoleum, its long-term benefits outweigh any additional expenses.

timber flooring


Wooden floors are hygienic without the challenges of harboring parasites and allergen-producing vermin. People with allergies can benefit from installing a floor that is made from timber and will not expose you to the risk and discomfort of allergens. Wooden floors do not trap unpleasant odors that arise from spills or the presence of pets. A freshly polished timber floor creates a delightful pleasant scent that makes the home more welcoming.

Timess Appeal

One of the key advantages of timber floors that need to be emphasized is their ti

ess and classic appeal. While tile colors and patterns quickly go out of style or are no longer regarded as trendy, the elegance of timber floors has withstood the test of time. Wood has been used for centuries and continues to be a popular choice. 





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