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Why You Need To Maintain Your Mission HVAC System For Proper Heating & Cooling

by Tek Climate on Oct 14, 2019

Thankfully, the days of living without air conditioning and heating are gone. Today, numerous home buyers buy existing houses while others build their own houses. In both cases, an HVAC system is included in the package.

An HVAC system is a machine. It requires upkeep just like a car does. You replace the air and oil filters in your car, give it an oil change, and give it a regular tuneup. This maintenance extends the life of the car as well as keeping it running smoothly.

However, some homeowners fail to do the same for their air and heating unit. Homeowners working hard to make ends meet might dread what will cost them money they might not have at hand. HVAC work requires a professional which can get expensive.

Alternatively, homeowners regularly maintaining their HVAC units won't be paying as much. Nor will they pay much if an emergency arises. For what other reasons is this maintenance important?

Healthy Air Quality

The health of your family is more important than anything else. If the HVAC system isn't working at its best, air-borne particles, bacteria, mold, and a host of unhealthy things are being inhaled. Family members with asthma, COPD, allergies, and other lung problems might suffer more episodes from inhaling dirty air.

Doctor bills and prescriptions to treat the lung problems could possibly exceed the bill for maintaining the air and heat unit. Homeowners can tell when they need to change the air filters, for example, when they see an increase in their power bill.

Dirt on the coils prevents the coils from absorbing the heat pulled out of the house before returning cool air. This, too, will send dirty air back into the house. It will also show up on the power bill, alerting homeowners to the fact that their HVAC unit needs maintenance.


Today's HVAC units are built with the technology to prolong the life of the unit. Older units are good for perhaps ten to twelve years. Modern units are built to last around 20 years. However, a less than well-maintained unit works 20 percent harder to deliver cool or warm air. This means wear and tear on the components and shortens the life of the unit.

Having the unit maintained in spring and fall prevents stress on the components which prolong the life of the unit. The unit will run more smoothly, and maintenance will be quick and easy.

System Life

If homeowners bought someone's house, then the HVAC unit could very well be nearing the end of its usefulness. Replacing a unit with a modern one will be expensive. However, if the unit is well maintained, the life span of the new unit will be prolonged. Experts think the homeowner will recoup his investment in lower power bills over a period of around ten years.


If it's a machine, then it has parts. The parts might still be under warranty in the event a problem arises. Twice yearly maintenance can keep track of these parts and their warranties. The only thing homeowners will pay is labor charges.

Homeowners should remember that many manufacturers require maintenance of their units to validate the warranties. Homeowners not keeping up regular maintenance on their units might invalidate their warranties. It will, therefore, cost more to repair the unit, so keeping up regular maintenance will save homeowners money.

Lower Power Bills

Homeowners are understandably interested in saving money wherever they can. In addition to adding insulation to ensure a tight house, maintaining the HVAC unit is imperative to saving money on the power bill. An efficiently running unit means less money spent on repairs and on the power bill.

Fewer Emergency Repairs

Nothing quite beats waking in the night to find yourself shivering due to an HVAC emergency. While you're reaching for extra blankets, you're calling on your emergency HVAC team to fix the problem. Even heat and air units go on the blink sometimes, but well-maintained units rarely do.

Safer Equipment

A poorly performing HVAC unit is capable of more than just failing. It could endanger the lives of homeowners and their families. For instance, cracks in the heat exchanger could allow carbon monoxide gas to infiltrate the house, causing serious illness or death. Short circuits have been known to cause house fires. Regular maintenance on the unit could literally save your life and those of your family.

Prevent Water Damages

HVAC units produce water as they operate, much as your car does. You've seen the puddle beneath your car from running the air conditioner. The same puddle can occur in the heat and air unit, especially if crud forms a blockage. Normally, the water flows from the drain pan to the outside of the house.

However, if a blockage occurs, the water can't escape, and it backs up. This could cause water damages to the ceilings and walls of the house if the unit is in the loft or attic. Those units with the water flowing to the outside of the house might not notice the blockage. It will show up, though, on the power bill due to the unit having to work harder to cool or heat the house.

Impact On Sleep And Overall Health

When the body sleeps, it heals itself from the inside out. The brain clears itself of today's information to make room for tomorrow's information. The heart, lungs, immune system, and all the rest shake off today's stresses to prepare themselves for the morrow.

If the body doesn't sleep much or well, the brain is slower on the uptake. The body is slower to react, which could mean a car or industrial accident, depending on where you work. Fatigue makes the day's stress more damaging to the mind and body.

The body's temperature drops in sleep. A room temperature of 60 to 70 degrees is optimal to restful sleep, the experts tell us. Keeping your HVAC unit on the right temperature ensures you get enough restful sleep. Your body will react the next day with energy and cognitive health.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit does more than keep you and your family comfortable in summer and winter. It saves money, keeps you all healthy, and prevents catastrophic failures. Maintenance keeps your unit running efficiently for its life span and maintains the validity of your warranties.


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