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10 Budget Friendly Tips to Keep Your House Warm

by Rohit on Feb 4, 2020

Keeping the house warm during winters can be an expensive task. Especially if you’re on a budget or trying to cut back on extra costs. While some may invest in heaters or live in apartments with a central heating system. Others may have to search for different ways to keep their house warm and not suffer in the cold winds of the winter.

For those of you who want cheap yet effective ways to warm up the house, this article is for you. You could also check out a similar piece by Home-Dzine, but for now, continue reading our top 10 housewarming tips.

1. Seal Your Fireplace

If your fireplace isn’t being utilized, then it’s best to seal its chimney. An open chimney draws a considerable amount of warm air away from your home. Seal the flue with a chimney plug to retain the warmth of your house.

2. Layer The Walls

Apart from adding layers of clothes over your body, you can also layer the walls with thicker curtains. Draping windows with heavier curtains or curtains with a thermal lining prevents heat loss while keeping the house cozy.

3. Carpet The Floors

Don’t leave your floors bare. Uninsulated floors are the main reason for you to feel cold most of the time. Use a carpet or a rug to keep your house and your feet warm and safe.

4. Reverse Ceiling Fans

You can reverse your ceiling fans during winters. This not only keeps the house warm but also saves up on energy and costs of additional heating sources.

A reversed fan rotates the blades in a counter-clockwise motion and it pushes warm air downward, from the ceiling towards the floor.

5. Use Foil

Houses with radiators and heating pipes can be wrapped with aluminum foil or any other heat-reflecting material. This is the easiest and affordable method of preventing heat loss. Wrapping foil on radiators or other external heating sources, aids in the heat reflection from the walls and into your house.

6. Maximize Insulation

Around 25% of heat is lost through an uninsulated roof. This problem can be easily solved by installing an insulation strip in your attic and above the roof.

While you are at it, it’s best if you insulate the insides of your walls. It’s not a budget-friendly method, but it’s an investment in the long run.

7. Make a Heater

So, what if you can’t afford a heater, this winter you can easily make one on your own. You’ll need a terracotta pot, a few candles, and a few bricks. Keep the terracotta pot upside down over bricks or other objects for support and for air to pass underneath. Place a few candles below the pot and witness the wonder of your DIY heater.

Keep in mind, this method is not safe if you have kids or pets in the house. Also, never leave the candles unattended.

8. Use a Hot-Water Bag

The good old hot-water bags never disappoints. It won’t contribute towards keeping the house warm, but it sure can keep you warm. Place a hot-water bag underneath your blanket or below your feet for a sound and warm sleep.

9. Boil or Bake

Who doesn’t love a few cups of hot drinks and baked treats? Make yourself a hot drink, while the boiling pot warms your kitchen, later the cup of tea warms your hands.

If you bake cookies or cakes, keep the oven door open. The heat from the inside of the oven gets out and warms the house.

10. Let in the Natural Heat

Finally, when the sun is out, open the curtains, windows and let the natural sun rays inside. Sit by the window to soak all the heat from the sun and keep yourself warm.

There you have it, the 10 easy and budget-friendly ways to keep yourself and the house warm during winters.




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