5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen

by Guest Post on Oct 15, 2022

You finally did it! You bought your dream house, and you are ready to make the most of it. The only issue is your kitchen situation- the backsplash isn’t the style you’d like. Or, maybe you’re just not sure how to make the space pop! Whatever your current kitchen situation is, you may be able to spice it up. Check out these five ways to update your kitchen!

5 Tips to Update Your Kitchen Space

Updating your kitchen space does not need to be expensive, nor does it need to be a hassle. In fact, there are a few simple things you can do to change the space and elevate it! Check out these tips and tricks for updating your kitchen:

Change the BackSplash: The right or wrong backsplash will really affect the space. A bold color could make the area pop! If it is too dull, it may wash out the space. Take a look at your kitchen and consider a few different colors, as well as texture styles. Some homeowners love red honeycomb, others will opt for subway tile. Take a look at some inspiration and do it yourself! The backsplash is one of the easiest things a homeowner can do themselves, without breaking the bank.

Mix it Up with Paint: Is your paint a little dull? If you need to instantly transform a space, consider painting your kitchen! A bright white or an accent wall can really make a difference. Right now, it is very popular to add a dark green or red accent wall in a kitchen. While the entire kitchen may look too bright if the entire space is painted red, one wall can really make a difference.

Make the Necessary Repairs: Have you been neglecting part of the space? If your kitchen needs a new sink or new light fixtures, it can be expensive. You may have been neglecting a hole in the drywall, or a water stain just because of money issues. If you are looking for extra cash to repair parts of your kitchen, look no further. LoanMart has your back! Just apply for a car title loan today to get the cash you need. 

Opt for Gold or Silver: Another way to transform your kitchen is to just change the hardware! Take a closer look at the cabinets in your kitchen. Are they dated? Do they have handles from the ‘80s? It may be time to upgrade! And good news- hardware is not entirely expensive, depending on your choice. Choose a nice silver or gold color to really give the space a polished look. This is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen!

Look at New Fixtures: Another easy update is to change all the light fixtures in your kitchen. One of the easiest ways to date a kitchen is just to look at the type of lighting it has. Does it have those square boxes from the ‘90s? It may be time to upgrade! Visit your local Home Depot or Lowe’s to find the new light fixtures you need to make your space pop.

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