6 Dangers of Not Receiving Needed House Foundation Repairs

by Andrew B on Mar 10, 2022

Most of us have heard horror stories about foundation problems and the possibilities of the damage that your home can entail. It’s no surprise that foundation problems can get worse over time and that they are very important to fix as soon as possible.

The foundation of your home is what keeps your home stable, secure, and safe to live in. Foundation problems will, without a doubt, get worse if they are left unrepaired. Typically if you notice foundation problems in your home you would contact a foundation repair company for an inspection. 

Sometimes homeowners require a concrete foundation repair and they believe they can put it off. We’re here to tell you what could happen if you left the foundation problems unrepaired.

What Happens If You Don't Fix Foundation Problems?

If you don’t fix your foundation problems then they are sure to get worse. Typically problems even as small as a crack can turn into much more serious issues than they started as. There are so many problems and dangers that can occur if you don’t get your foundation fixed right away. Be sure to call a house foundation repair expert to get your foundation inspected and repaired if you notice any signs of foundation issues in your home. Here are 6 dangers that can occur if you don’t get the foundation repair that you need. 

  1. Spreading Damage - The thing that many foundation experts worry about if someone decides not to get a repair done is the spread of the problem. Typically, foundation issues start in one place but if they aren’t repaired then they have a huge possibility of spreading. Cracks can spread to other places, bowed walls can start to make the floors and ceilings have problems. Overall, the foundation problems that you start with will be much worse if left unrepaired. 

  2. Water Damage - Foundation problems can cause water issues as it’s very common that foundation problems were caused by water or they have allowed water into places that it doesn’t belong. For example, if you have a crack that is leaking, you could have a huge problem on your hands if it is left unrepaired. It will likely spread and then the water damage will get much worse which could cause even more issues. 

  3. Mold/Mildew - In the same line as the water damage, mold and mildew are common side effects of having water problems. Foundation issues that are not repaired can cause water damage which will then cause mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can be toxic to those living in the home so it’s important to get them taken care of, especially because mold and mildew can spread. 

  4. Infestations - Whether this is infestations of insects or rodents, as a homeowner this is still something that you don’t want to go through. Infestations of pests can cause more problems within your home. Pests and insects destroy wood and other pieces of your home which can make your foundation problems worse as well. 

  5. Plumbing Problems - Plumbing issues are very common when dealing with foundation problems. If you leave foundation problems to get worse then you are leaving plumbing issues to also get worse. Which can cause even more problems plus it is more time-consuming and costly to repair. 

  6. Collapsing Areas - The biggest concern with foundation problems is the possibility of it collapsing. Once the foundation becomes weak, there is no way to gauge when the foundation will give out. This could mean your roof collapsing, a wall, or your floor caving in. Depending on where the foundation issues are, as well as how bad they are will determine which part of your home could collapse. 

Why Is Foundation Repair Important?

Foundation repair is important because the foundation of your home is an extremely important aspect of it. The foundation completely supports your home and it’s what keeps a roof over your head, floor under your feet, and walls to keep you inside. If your foundation has damages to it, then there is a big possibility that it can get worse and cause many more problems. The main concern with leaving foundation problems without getting house foundation repair is that the damages will get worse. The worst possible thing that can happen is a collapse of your home’s foundation. 


Home foundation repair is extremely important because catching the problem early makes a huge difference. Some foundation problems go extremely deep and require hefty repair methods with a lot of complex work put into them. Some foundation repairs are just baseline and consist of a simple crack repair. However, both foundation damages can get worse and lead to a collapse of your foundation, so getting things repaired ahead of time will definitely save you money and time when it comes to getting a home foundation repair. 

What Happens When A House Foundation Fails?

If you notice any failed foundations in your home then you should contact a foundation repair company as soon as possible to do a home foundation repair. Calling them when the problem is found will help to ensure that they don’t have to do extensive repairs and they can focus on the problem areas. Foundation repair companies will inspect your foundation to ensure there are no other problems and they will fix the original issue that caused your foundation damages. If your foundation is failing then it’s important to get in touch with a foundation expert now. Don’t wait until it gets worse because it will be a harder repair for the contractors, more money out of your pocket, and a lot more time as well. 

Can You Live In A House During Foundation Repair?

A lot of you might be wondering if you can stay in your home while the foundation repair company is there working on it. The answer is yes, you can stay in your home while foundation repairs are taking place. It is best to understand that there will be workers in and out of your home and there could be loud noises. There is always the option to stay elsewhere if you feel that the repairs will be too disruptive to your daily lives, but you are allowed to live in your home while the repair company is doing work. 


There are a lot of reasons why it’s best to get your home’s foundation repaired if it needs it. It is very dangerous to leave foundation problems unrepaired because the foundation is what stabilizes your home. It is the backbone of your house and therefore it is important to keep it in great condition. Leaving foundation issues unrepaired will allow them to get worse, spread, and cause many more issues within your home, including a collapsing home. 

As a homeowner, you should always have your foundation inspected if you see any signs of potential damages just to ensure that the problem is taken care of as soon as possible before it spreads or gets worse. Contact your local foundation repair company to get an inspection or a repair if you notice any signs of foundation problems. 

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