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Five Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Roofing

by Koala Roofing on Aug 11, 2020

A roof is one of the essential parts of a house. It is also one of the most expensive parts of a house to be maintained or replaced. Homeowners are usually advised to take proper care of their roofs, but they cannot do this without roofers if they don’t have the basic knowledge about a roof. 

There are many ways to be knowledgeable about a roof. You can do that by asking questions, reading hard copy books and journals, and of course by surfing the Internet. These methods of getting roofing knowledge are indeed useful but will it give you what you need to know if there is an emergency?

Five frequently asked questions about roofing.

1. Which roofing material is the best?

Honestly, no roofing material is termed “the best roofing material.” In other words, no roofing material is superior to the other. Aside from the different life span of different roofing materials, one can honestly say that all roofing materials are the same. If all the roofing materials are the same, then why do different roofing materials exist? It’s simple to understand. Because of the difference in weather conditions of different locations, materials used in making roofs are varied to accommodate every climatic condition. In addition to this reason, roofing materials are different because of the difference in taste, style, and budget of every homeowner. Therefore while choosing a roofing material, you should consider the factors mentioned above, especially your location and budget. 

2. How much will it cost me to replace my roof?

Sincerely the cost of replacing a roof has never been cheap. A roof takes up at least 40% of the cost to build a house. Therefore, when you want to replace or repair your roof, keep in mind that it is not a very cheap activity. Just like there are various types and styles of roofs, the cost of replacing different roofs vary. How much it will cost you to replace your roof may differ according to the color, size, and style of your roof. To get the best and most effective roof replacement deal, I will advise you to compare the roof replacement estimate of more than one roofing contractor. This will give you a view of how much it will take you to replace your roof. Also, after checking and choosing a roofer, you can request to pay for your roof replacement by installment. That is if you can’t pay the full amount at once. 

3. How long will it take a roofer to repair my roof?

There is nothing as irritating as having an opened roof house because of the sluggishness of your roofer. It takes a maximum of 2 days for light repairs. And a maximum of 5 days for an experienced roofer to carry out a heavy repair on your roof. How long it takes your roofer to repair your roof may also depend on his/her level of expertise and the number of staff that a roofing company has. In general, it takes a maximum of 5 days for a roofer to carry out any repairs on your roof. 

4. How do I know that it is time to replace my roof?

Homeowners are usually advised to make hay while the sun shines by replacing their roofs when it becomes old. You can know if your roof needs replacement when it starts looking old and worn out. You can also know that your roof is old and needs replacement when it has reached its lifespan limit. Most roofs can stay for 20-30 years before they should be replaced. Therefore, if your roof is celebrating its 20th birthday, it's time to replace it because it is already old. 

5. Is it advisable to install a new roof on my already existing roof?

It is not advisable to add a new roof to your old roof. Yes, it is possible, but not advisable. Adding a new roof on an already existing one is cost and time effective, but it is also disadvantageous. If you place a new roof on your already existing roof, it will hide the internal damages in your roof. It thereby leads to increased and prolonged damages.

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