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What Should I Consider Before Buying a Snow Blower?

by Guest on Sep 30, 2021

So, you’re thinking about buying a snow blower but you’re not sure where to start your search. You’ve come to the right place.

Like with all purchases that involve a considerable amount of money, the decision to buy a snowblower is one that deserves ample research time so you guarantee you’ve purchased the perfect snow blower to fit your needs.

That research should begin with determining what factors you need to consider before buying a snowblower. We’ll help you answer those questions below.

For a complete breakdown of what you need to know about buying a snowblower, check out the Ultimate Snow Blower Buying and Maintenance Guide.

There’s a lot to think about, from machine type to features and accessories, but it really comes down to the job at hand.

Now, let’s get to four important factors you should consider when purchasing a snowblower.

How Large Is the Area You’ll Need to Clear?

The first question you need to answer when considering whether to buy a snowblower is how big of an area you intend to clear.

If you’re looking to clear a small-to-midsize area, like a driveway that contains between one and eight parking spaces, then a single-stage snow blower could be the place to start your snowblower search.

However, if the area you intend to clear is larger than the average driveway, with between eight and 15 parking spaces, two-stage or three-stage snow blowers are better suited for the job. These snow blowers are more conducive to clearing large areas because they can throw snow farther.

What Type of Terrain Are You Clearing Snow From?

While the size of the area you’re looking to clear with your snowblower is the first question to ask yourself when buying, it’s important to make the area’s terrain into consideration as well.

A single-stage snow blower is not as well-suited to uneven terrain as the two- and three-stage models, meaning those snow blowers would likely be a better choice for your small-to-midsize area if the terrain is not flat and smooth.

If the surface below the snow is solid and even-paved, consider buying an auger-assisted or push-propelled machine. If the surface that you’ll be clearing is rough or sloped, then consider purchasing an engine-driven snowblower.

How Much Snowfall Do You Typically Get?

Another crucial factor to consider when buying a snow blower is the amount of snowfall you get in the region you’ll be clearing and what type of snowfall it is, light or heavy.

Up to eight inches of typically powdery snow can be considered “light,” while up to 16 inches of wet snow can be considered “heavy.”

Single-stage snowblowers are designed to clear light snow, while two-stage and three-stage blowers will plow through deep snow and have serrated augers that can break through packed snow or even ice.

What Do You Need From Your Snowblower?

Thanks to the first three questions, you’ve determined what you’re going to need from your snowblower.

Now it’s all about you and your needs. Think about your typical experience while clearing snow and identify any features or accessories that would make that experience better.

For example, if the areas you intend to clear are poorly lit, look for a model with bright headlights. If you experience back problems, look for power steering and an electric start. If you have perpetually cold hands, find a snow blower with heated hand grips.

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