Benefits and Advantages of Double Glazing Windows at Home

by Jerry Murrows on May 28, 2019

Double glazing, just as the name suggests means two layers of glass. Whether it is windows or doors, the two panes of glass are separated by a space that is either left as a vacuum or it is filled with an inert gas. Initially, double glazing was developed to provide better insulation for homes and buildings. However, it has much more to offer.  Here are some of the benefits of double glazing your doors and windows.

Reduces energy bills

Since insulated glazing or double glazing uses two panes of glass, this significantly reduces the amount of heat exiting and entering your home. As a result, your home will be warmer during winter and cooler during summer. What this means is that you will not have to crank up your heater and air conditioner level to reach a temperature that is comfortable for you and your family. In addition to this, you end up using less energy.

Reduces noise

Double glazing reduces noise thus giving you a calmer and quieter environment either at home or the office. With high-performance double glazing, you can reduce up 60% of noise outside thus making it a great investment especially if your home or business establishment is beneath a flight path or by a busy road.

Increases security

Compared to single glazed windows or doors, double glazed ones are much harder to break. They are very difficult to open from the outside. This makes it much harder for buglers to break into your house. If you want to increase the level of security even farther, you might want to choose toughened and laminated glass. Installing these types of double glazed glass allows you the luxury of staying calm knowing that no one can easily break int your home or business establishment.

Increases resale value

Double glazing your windows and doors is an excellent way of increasing the resale value of your property. With double glazing, even an older home can be just as desirable to a buyer who wants to ensure that the home they purchase is properly insulated. With double glazing, any type of property can reap these benefits. Therefore, if you are planning on selling your property then you can typically get a better deal if your doors and windows have double glazing.

Reduces damage to the interior of your property

Often, belongings that are placed close to the windows are highly affected by sunlight as compared to those placed in other parts of the interior of your property. The UV rays from the sun slowly cause damage to your décor, furniture and even carpeting. However, having double glazed windows help reduce the amount of UV radiation getting into your house. Since double glazing provides insulation, this ensures that furniture and interior décor don’t experience much damage from great temperature fluctuations. If you want to increase the level of protection from UV light, then you should consider adding a UV film to your windows. 

Get to enjoy the benefits mentioned above and many more. For more advice or a quotation, contact us and we will meet all your double glazing needs.

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