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How to Choose the Right Skip Size For Your Waste

by Administrator on Aug 30, 2019

The rubbish left in the wake of a domestic or commercial job can sometimes exceed our expectations. That’s why we need to choose the right skip size for our waste so that it can be removed in the easiest and safest way. But, skip hire companies offer a wide range of skip sizes and dimensions, so how to choose the right one for your needs?

One of the most common mistakes when hiring a skip is choosing the wrong size which leads to costly consequences. Hiring a small skip that can’t hold your entire waste would require hiring another one which would only bring unnecessary expenses. On the other hand, hiring too large skip for your waste is a waste of money. That’s why it’s important to hire the right size.

Tips to Choose the Right Skip Size

Here are a few tips to choose the right skip size for your job:

  • Evaluate the whole situation first to decide if you really need to hire a skip.
  • Get a good estimate of the amount of your waste. Collect all of it in one place so that you can have an idea of how big skip you need to dispose of your waste.
  • Identify the skip size. If you have a small amount of waste you need to get rid of, a mini skip is a good option. For larger quantity choose a midi or maxi skip, and for huge amounts, you may need to consider hiring a Roll-on Roll-off skip.
  • Items you can’t put in a skip include hazardous waste like asbestos, gas cylinders, tires, medical waste, plasterboard, fuels, solvents, electrical goods, batteries, TVs, paint tins, etc.

Sizes and Categories of Skips

These are the categories of skips offered by most skip hire companies throughout the UK:

Mini Skips

The smallest sized skips offered by skip hire companies that have a capacity of 2 or 3 yards. They are great for disposing of garden clean ups, kitchen and bathroom refits, and other small home renovations that produce a small amount of waste. They can hold 25 to 35 black bin bags of waste.

Midi Skips

These ones are a bit larger than mini skips, ranging from 4 yards to 5 yards. But, some skip hires companies can offer 6-yard skips as midi skips as well. This skip size is great for larger projects such as garden clean ups and household renovations that create a considerable amount of waste. Midi skips can hold 45 to 55 black bin bags of waste.

Maxi Skips

These large-sized skips have a capacity of 6 yards up to 18 yards. They are perfect for industrial and commercial use as they are large enough to hold large quantities of rubbish that includes heavy materials and bulky items. They can hold from 65 to around 200 black bin bags of waste.

Roll-on Roll-off Skips

Thanks to their big size that ranges from 20 to 40 yards, roll-on roll-off skips are the perfect choice if you need to dispose of huge amounts of commercial and industrial waste. They can get rid of heavy materials, bulky items, and huge-sized waste produced by industries. These skips can hold 220 to 440 black bin bags worth of waste.

Examples of Specific Projects and The Right Size of Skip for Them

  • For boxes of rubbish in the attic that have been gathering dust for years, hire a mini skip.
  • For kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures and fittings, and other small DIY projects, choose midi skip such as the 4-yard skip.
  • For considerable garden rubbish created by pruning shrubs and trees, mowing the lawn, and simple garden maintenance, hire a 4 yard or 6-yard skip.
  • For house renovations, you’ll probably need an 8-yard skip.
  • For rubbish produced by commercial enterprises like offices, shops, builders, and restaurants, people usually hire the 8 yards or 12-yard skip.

We hope that now you have an idea of the sizes and categories of skips you can choose from. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll hire the right size of skip for your type and amount of waste that will eventually save you time and money.


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