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Fizzion 8 oz. Wine Stain Remover

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8 oz. Wine Stain Remover

SKU: 204451825 ID: 156-8588 UPC: 894386002228

Fizzion Wine Stain Remover is the newest addition to their award-winning cleaning products line. This powerful cleaning solution spot-treats and removes red wine and other hard to remove stains from carpets, upholstery, clothing tablecloths and more. Unlike enzymatic cleaners that require long waiting periods to activate, Fizzion works instantly. Fizzion non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution quickly goes to the root of the stain to break it down for easy removal. There is no waiting time - just spray, blot and watch your stain disappear. Fizzion Wine Stain Remover is composed of a proprietary blend of cleaners to create an unmatched detergency that removes the organic matter creating and locking in the stain from most materials or fabrics.

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