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Tips for Carpet and Rug Cleaning when Living with Teenagers

by Jamie Burke on Aug 17, 2019

Carpets and rugs are essential additions to the floor and homeowners are constantly looking for the best styles and designs to complement their flooring. Such carpets and rugs are investments in homes, and as such, homeowners strive to maximize their functionality, enjoyment and aesthetic value. Cleaning is vital to caring for your carpets and therefore helps significantly in keeping them in good condition. It is, however, essential for homeowners to keep in mind that regular cleaning of carpets can lead to their degradation. Homeowners living teens and pets should, therefore, device intelligent ways of keeping their carpets clean to maintain their quality.

Wondering how you can keep your carpets and rugs clean when living with teenagers at home? Here are tips to help you do just that:

1.   Put Preventive Measures In Place

Sometimes, the best way to keep your rugs and carpets clean is preventing them from getting dirty in the first place. Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and homeowners should take a step to prevent spillages and careless handling of the carpets. Declaring a shoe-off rule at home is also a good way of keeping the dirt off the carpets and rugs. Teens, especially those who like to play certain sports like football, should also be restrained from playing in the house.

2.   Proper Vacuuming

Vacuuming is a DIY cleaning solution for your carpets and rugs. It is an essential way of keeping carpets clean from the day they are fitted. Vacuuming helps remove any dirt that may collect deep in the carpet’s tufts. Homeowners should, however, learn the art of proper vacuuming. It should be done slowly and meticulously to help take out all the dirt and dust held by the carpet. Rugs and carpets in teens’ rooms and high traffic areas should often be vacuumed as they are probably the dirtiest.

3.   Regular Washing

Carpets and rugs also need to be washed after a while. However, it is important to determine whether they are colourfast in the first place. This can be done by taking a wet white cloth and rubbing it against the various colours or the carpet. If these colours don’t stain the cloth, then your carpet or rug qualifies to be washed.

Washing of carpets should involve the use of water at the right temperature, mild detergents, non-abrasive brushes and the correct technique. Mild detergents barely contain compounds like ammonia, which may be harsh on the carpet colours. They are therefore recommended for keeping the colours intact and maintain the look of your carpet. After washing, carpets should be rinsed thoroughly using cold water and dried in the open, away from direct heat.

4.   Hire Professional Rug And Carpet Cleaners

Homeowners understand the hassle that comes with cleaning carpets and rugs, and they will attest that it can be overwhelming. As such, it important that homeowners seek the services of professional carpet cleaning service, who understand the details of carpet and rug cleaning. These professionals help with the deep cleaning of carpets and rugs using effective cleaning machines for the best results.

Manufacturers recommend that a deep cleaning be done on carpets and rugs after every 12-18 months. Most professional carpet cleaners don’t charge as compared to the value of your carpets. They also offer valuable advice on how to DIY clean your carpets regular and tips of keeping your carpets in great condition. Calling professional carpet cleaners in your area may, therefore, help greatly in keeping your carpets and rugs clean, especially for those living with teens.

5.   Deal With Spills Urgently

Spills are common for homeowners living with teenagers. Spills may not be detrimental at first but may soon make the rugs and carpets hard to clean. It is, therefore, advisable to deal with spills as soon as they occur. This does not only help keep your carpet clean at all times but also helps prevent the use of harsh detergents. Spills are best cleaned by first removing the excessive moist. Then, use soap and water on a cloth to clean the spot. Salt and corn starch are also used in treating grease spots while club soda is also effective in cleaning red wine, coffee or juice stains.

Cleaning carpets could be stressful, especially for homeowners living with teenagers. Regular vacuuming and washing of carpets and putting preventive measures in place all help keep carpets and rugs clean. Hiring professional carpet cleaners also helps keep your carpets and rugs in great condition.


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