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Three Common and Famous Types of Exterior Doors

by Guest on Feb 13, 2018

Considering their significance and impact on the overall appearance of the home, exterior doors turn out to be the first thing that people notice while walking through them. Though, the thing to keep in mind is that there are different options available to blend with almost every type of homeowners’ requirements. So, how do make a decision? Since all contribute to the energy efficiency and curb appeal of the home, the key is to find out the purpose or responsibilities that the components have to fulfill.

It’s necessary to have well-performing doors as they are responsible to meet everyday requirements. Be it storm doors, patio doors, or front doors, there are always numerous options to take into consideration. So, which one to talk about first? Let’s start with exterior doors.

As a matter of fact, exterior doors are one of the integral parts of the home that do not only contribute to the home’s aesthetics but also tend to work for energy efficiency and security. They are usually available in three materials- namely wood, steel, and fiberglass. Every material offers certain features and benefits but, one thing is common that they encourage customization and allow homeowners to demand amendments as they want.

Wood Exterior Doors

Yes, it’s always the guilty desire that homeowners prefer but want to avoid the maintenance and upkeep expenses. Wood exterior doors are usually quite sturdy and offer optimal security throughout their useful life.

Here, the worth mentioning fact is that wood front doors usually need homeowners to spend a significant amount on their purchase. The expenditures at not over at initial purchase; instead, they have to dedicate a certain amount on maintenance as well. Staining and painting are periodic tasks needed to maintain beauty but still, they are susceptible to rotting, expanding, and warping.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

With improving quality and additional features, fiberglass exterior doors have become the essence of time. With maximum durability, energy efficiency, and insulation, they are capable to maintain comfort inside the home. Fiberglass exterior doors do not expand, warp or rot while their plethora finishes are expected to satisfy all types of homeowners’ requirements. With foam core insulation, they discourage energy transference and keep inhabitants comfortable throughout the year.

Steel Entry Doors

When it comes to maximizing security, energy efficiency, and strength, nothing could be better than steel entry doors. The benefits are the same just like fiberglass doors, except for the fact that steel can offer protection more efficiently. With a thick gauge, they can block the entry of unwanted guests while allowing fresh air to maintain coziness inside.

Like fiberglass exterior doors, steel doors are provided with foam core insulation for keeping the inhabitants relaxed, satisfied and comfortable. They are available in numerous colors, particularly wood grain finishes.

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