How Can Epoxy Refresh Your Office Space?

by Russell Michelson on Apr 30, 2021

past Heading to your office day in and day out can get tiring. Especially if you’re looking at the same furniture every day. And when your space is uninspired, your work also tends to be. That’s why we’re here to bring you three different ways to upgrade your office space.

Desk Decor & Art Resin

In the past, you might have felt that any objects on your desk outside of your computer and notebook were clutter. But the more time you spend at your desk, you come to realize that those small touches are what make working at your desk enjoyable.

From paperweights to statues, epoxy resin can make it all. We recommend grabbing your favorite art resin epoxy, and silicone molds to get started.

Epoxy Wall Art

Thinking about art can be rather stressful, from costly designers to figure out exactly what style you’re looking for, we tend to just skip purchasing artwork entirely! That’s why using art resin epoxy is the perfect solution. You’re able to create that perfect piece you’ve been looking for and keep it under budget.

Regardless of your budget, art resin will allow you to bring your vision to life. With a short supplies list of art epoxy resin, a canvas, and a blow dryer if you’re looking to add some texture, you can achieve any vision.

DIY River Desks

We’ve all heard of the infamous river table that has been used as accent pieces in homes for decades. But this style doesn’t have to be limited to the dining room. Leveraging your favorite slab of wood with a pop of color will make you look forward to working at your desk every day.

A river table is more than a quick pour. But the time you spend creating this piece will be well worth it. In a few quick steps, we’ll outline what’s needed to get this job done! First, you’ll want to grab your favorite epoxy resin to create the river design. Once you have your epoxy on hand, be sure to read all the instructions thoroughly.

Working With Epoxy: The Details

Now that you’re inspired with a few ideas, here are step-by-step directions on how to get that perfect epoxy resin pour.

Supply list:

  • Art resin epoxy
  • PPE (gloves, mask, goggles)
  • Dropcloth or tarp
  • Mica powder
  • Three one gallon buckets

Preparing your workspace:

With your supplies at the ready, it’s time to start measuring and pouring your epoxy. Depending on your project, the type and ratio of epoxy will differ. We recommend leveraging an online calculator to help you identify exactly what you need.

With your epoxy properly mixed, and color added (if you’d like), you can then begin your pour!

Pouring the epoxy:

Probably the easiest part of working with epoxy is the pour. Since epoxy has self-leveling properties, your one goal is to make sure that your surface is entirely covered. To get perfect coverage, take your mixture and slowly pour your epoxy mixture over the entire surface and use a spatulate to help cover the edges.

Finishing your resin project:

Once your pour is complete, it’s time to let your project cure. Depending on the type of epoxy as well as how deep your pour is, your cure time will differ. Read the directions on your bottle to understand exactly how much time you need to let your project harden. With a hardened project --your new office upgrade is complete.

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