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How to Find a Rat Problem in your House

by Guest on Mar 8, 2021

Rats are attracted to the food, warmth, and security that human habitats provide. If you are witnessing signs of rat activity on your property, you could be dealing with an infestation. Rats are opportunistic creatures that will infest the interior of the home when given the opportunity. They will wreak havoc on the insides of your walls and cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Rats are nasty pests, and the damage they cause will only get worse with time. Call a local rat exterminator if you are worried about rats and they will get rid of them for good.

Rats are nocturnal, omnivorous rodents with slender bodies and long, hairless tails. They have beady black eyes, rounded ears, and teeth that never stop growing. The two most common species in Ontario are the brown rat and the roof rat. The brown rat is the largest of the two, with shaggy brown fur and a rounded snout. Brown rats burrow underground and build extensive tunnels to go from one place to the next. Roof rats, on the other hand, prefer to live above ground. Roof rats have smoother, darker fur, pointier snouts, and tails that are longer than their bodies.

As burrowers, brown rats usually get inside the house by digging their way through a crack in the foundation or chewing through wall vents. Once indoors, they like to nest within the insulation of wall voids and other quiet, enclosed areas near food and water. Roof rats nest in attics, lofts, and other raised areas. If there are rats on your property, listen carefully for scratching and scurrying sounds at night. Look for signs of damage such as chewed floorboards and torn packages of food. Rats also leave droppings wherever they go – these look like large, brown grains of rice.

If you suspect that rats are living in your house, call an exterminator to confirm. A professional can inspect your property and find exactly where the animals are nesting. In the meantime, look for where the animals may be coming from and remove all accessible sources of food. Seal and block off any cracks or holes you find in the walls. Then, clean the home from top to bottom. Reduce clutter and store food in tightly sealed containers. Avoid leaving any food out overnight, such as pet food, dirty dishes, or garbage. Remove bird feeders outside and tidy up the yard so there are fewer places for the pests to hide.   

Rats can be difficult to find, but their behaviors are consistent. Professional rat removers have a thorough understanding of rat behavior and have the experience required to find and eliminate any rat problem. Should you hire a professional, he or she will find the entry points the rats are using and block them off so that no more pests get inside. They will also carry out an effective rat removal program that eliminates the pests quickly, safely, and humanely. 




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